How to Restore a Lost Mobile Legend Account Overwritten

Mobile legends is a game that is very viral right now, you could say almost all smartphone users must install and play this one game on their smartphone. No wonder it’s because the excitement of the Moba Mobile Legends game is very exciting. However, there is one problem that is quite annoying when playing this game commonly known as ML, namely: mobile legends account lost or overwritten. This happens when you play 2 mobile legends games on 1 android or iOS phone.

Usually, you will not be able to log in to the old mobile legends account because you have logged in to a new account. Now, the problem is, if the old account is good, honey, right? But don’t worry, there is a way to restore a mobile legend account that has been bind or which has not been bind so that it can be opened and played as usual again.

But so that these tips can work where you can fix the lost ML account, of course you have to know the profile data of the previous (lost) ML account starting from the name, the lost mobile legends account ID and some information such as the number of skins and heroes. okay, here’s how to solve a lost mobile legends account that hasn’t been binded yet.

What if you don’t have an ML account profile data? Relax, you can still find out, the trick is to use the mobile legends game on a friend’s cellphone, please find your mobile legends account by typing ID, later your ML account data will appear.

How to Restore a Mobile Legends Account that Overwhelmed a New Account Not Bind

  • Open the mobile legends game and then click HELP in the upper right corner.
  • Later, several menu options will appear, please select or follow the flow like this:

Klik Account Problem->Lalu Pilih Retrieve Account->Klik Forget Platform Accounts->Klik Lagi Forget Platform Accounts

  • After clicking forget platform accounts, later you are required to fill out a form in the form of the missing Mobile legends account profile data.
  • On “The reason about lost account” in the form, fill it with a sentence or description:

i lost my account because i have not bind any social media

Submit and please wait until there is a reply from Moontoon to your email and if you get a reply, just submit a request to restore your lost mobile legends account because it has not been binded.

How to Restore a Bind Mobile Legends Account

If the above method is specifically for ML accounts that have not been Bind, the next method is the one that has been Bind. it’s very easy, you just need to open a mobile legends account and open your profile then at the bottom itself, click enter the existing one and choose the ml account that has been Bind.

that’s a tutorial on how to restore a mobile legend account that was lost due to a new account on an Android and iOS cellphone, if it still doesn’t work or there are problems and you haven’t succeeded in doing the above method, please comment below, the admin will help as best I can.

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