How To Report Scams Directly With WhatsApp

Want to report fraud online? Or want to check mobile numbers or bank accounts that are indicated to be fraudulent? Well, inwepo will tell you how!

Digital age

The development of time and technology, now brings mankind into the era modern much different from before. Economic development is also getting faster and entering the era of digitalization. To this day, there are so many marketplace or online marketplace. where in marketplace This often brings together sellers and buyers without having to meet face-to-face. Because it’s getting easier to shop online not a little too rampant crime cyber (online).

Online Crime

Ease of shopping online without having to meet face-to-face does not fully benefit us as buyers. Because not a few buyers are victims of fraud when transacting online.

If we have been deceived, of course we will regret and be afraid or reluctant to shop again online, when in fact there are not a few advantages that can be obtained from online shopping. Starting from cheaper prices, offering products that are not around and many others. For that, don’t worry, now you can report or first check the account used by the seller whether there is a fraud report or not.

How To Report Fraud Directly From WhatsApp

1. You open the Google Chrome browser application at smartphone you, then type in the search field report me. Next select the website the one at the top, if you have entered you tap chat report me.

2. When it appears popup select the menu Whatsapp. send message chat to my report number.

How To Report Scams Directly With WhatsApp 2

3. Before reporting, it’s a good idea to check first, use the menu or send chat with number 4. Then chat again and choose a number 1to check the account.

How To Report Scams Directly With WhatsApp 3

4. Enter some required information such as account number, name and also bank used. Next you will get a report of the number of times the account number you checked is reported.

How to Report Scams Directly With WhatsApp 4

5. Please return to the main menu by sending a chat 0then report the indicated account by sending the numbers 1. Don’t forget to enter the required data.

How To Report Scams Directly With WhatsApp 5

6. Select the category of fraud committed, finally you will get a report if your report has been received by my report party.

How to Report Scams Directly With WhatsApp 6


In terms of transactions online indeed we must be vigilant, in order to avoid cases of fraud. The above method is certainly very useful for those of you who especially like shopping online, to first check the number and bank account of the seller. Thank you and hopefully add insight to all of us.

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