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How to Remove Scribbles on Screenshots

Today still don’t know about how to remove streaks in screenshots on our photos? Take it easy, you just have to follow the following review, so that we can find out about how and the steps.

In this sophisticated era, there are many things that we can do easily. One of them is to send an information that is very useful for us.

That is by using social media such as Whatsapp, Facebook including Instagram. Where some of these applications are applications that are very necessary for us to have.

Sending and receiving messages using social media is an alternative to shorten a communication between one another without any time limit.

But there are some users who have received a message and in it there is a scribble contained in the screenshot of the photo we received,

And of course we are curious to know what is behind the scribble? As for removing the streak, we don’t know how to do it.

For that you do not worry first because we will discuss it for you below.

How to Remove Scribbles on WA Screenshots

The Whatsapp application is one of the most installed social media applications in all corners of the world.

Because this application is one of the social media that has a chat feature that is very simple and easy for us to access.

These advantages are an advantage of the Whatsapp application compared to other social media applications.

However, there are some users who have received a message in the form of a screenshot on their WA which aims to close an article so that it is not easily read by the recipient.

for that we are certainly curious, what exactly is the content of the scribble? So don’t go anywhere you can follow the steps below,

In order not to misunderstand the writing behind the scribble, use the following methods:

Using Retouch Photos

The first recommendation for how to remove streaks on the WhatsApp application you can use the help of the Retouch Photos application.

This one application, can help us to delete an object that we do not want. by using Retouch Photos,

Then the resulting photo will return to its original state without any traces of streaks. As for the steps are as follows:

  1. For the first step we can do is open our cellphone, and choose Play Store or AppStore.
  2. Then you can search using the keyword Retouch Photos after finding the application, download it then install it when it is finished.
  3. If we have installed it we can open the Retouch Photos application and run the application.
  4. To get started, you can just click Start.
  5. then select the Delete Object menu.
  6. then select one of the photos that we will delete the streak.
  7. After we have successfully uploaded the photo, then we can select the Brush Tool, then select the area of ​​the photo that we want to delete.
  8. If we have selected it, we can immediately click Go.
  9. That way automatically the parts that we have selected will be erased perfectly.
  10. If all the steps have gone smoothly and the streak is gone, then we can save it by clicking Save, the results will automatically be saved in our smartphone gallery.

That was about how to remove the streaks on the WA screenshot by using the Retouch Photos application.

Using Photo Editor

If by using the method above, we think it is not optimal, we can use the second method, namely by using the help of the Photo Editor Application.

This one application can help us to delete streaks in the Whatsapp application on our iPhone very easily. As for the method, namely:

  1. For the first step, open our smartphone and enter the AppStore menu.
  2. Write and search for Photo Editor App.
  3. If you have found it, you can directly download it and install the Photo Editor Application.
  4. Then open the application and click the Photos menu to upload the photos we want.
  5. If we have, we can click the Clone menu and navigate to the photo we want to copy.
  6. Then press the object contained in the photo that we want to delete, then adjust the circle according to our needs.
  7. That way after all the steps above we have done then we can immediately click Save.

And the photos that we have successfully edited will be saved automatically in our gallery automatically.

Using Snapseed App Help

For how to remove streaks on our next screenshot, you can use the help of the Snapseed Application.

By using this application, it is an application that is very light for us to use, and is very simple and has extraordinary benefits.

For that, for those of you who want to see an article on a photo that has graffiti, it will definitely be able to see it.

For that, so that it doesn’t take too long, here’s how to remove the streaks contained in our online screenshots:

  1. For the first step, make sure first that we have a stable internet connection.
  2. Go to the PlayStore menu for those using an Android cellphone, while those using an iPhone can enter the Appstore menu.
  3. Then find and write the Snapseed download menu, then you can install it.
  4. If the Snapseed Application is already installed, open the Application and select the Plus button.
  5. Then several image options will appear and select the image that we want to modify.
  6. Pick a tool and choose selective.
  7. That way you can choose the part of the image that we will modify, and there will be an icon and then slide the screen to the right until it is full 100%.
  8. Scroll down and then slide the screen to the right until 100%.
  9. Repeat until our streak disappears then Chat has appeared, keep repeating until it works.
  10. Meanwhile, to save the results you can click Save.

Those were some of the steps you can take to remove streaks in online screenshots using the help of the Snapseed Application.

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