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How to Remove Online Status on WhatsApp (WA) 2021

There are now many chat applications that are in great demand and are used by the public to communicate with other people every day. One of the most popular chat applications today is WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp application itself is a chat application that can not only be used for video and voice calls, but also allows users to see the last time someone used the application.

While this feature can make communications more transparent, privacy is also more important. In fact, sometimes there is a problem of psychological pressure for someone to immediately respond to every message received after the sender sees your online status.

This of course has happened many times, and there will always be people who always expect you to always be online so that they can immediately reply to messages sent to you. That’s what gets annoying sometimes.

Well, if you really don’t want your WhatsApp contacts to know your online status in the WA application, then you can also hide the status through the application settings.

Now for more details, we will explain a simple way to hide WA online status easily so you can practice it.

How to Remove WhatsApp Online Status

To remove online status on WhatsApp, you can try the method below for your WhatsApp account, the method is simple to apply, see below.

  • First, you can open the WhatsApp application first.
  • Once the WhatsApp application is open, you can click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the WhatsApp screen.
  • Then click settings.
  • In the settings menu, you can select Account.
  • Then select privacy and select last seen from a list of available options.

This way your online status will no longer be visible to others. So people will think you are not active in this application.

However, by deactivating your WhatsApp online status, of course you will not be able to see other people’s online status. This is done to prevent anyone from spying on other people’s activities, as well as to cover up your own actions.

Unfortunately, this feature cannot be used to set the user’s online status for the sake of this user.

How To Not Be Visible Online When Replying To WhatsApp Messages

Nowadays, many people have changed their privacy settings by disabling the last visa option to read receipts.

How to remove online status on WhatsApp but unfortunately, this chat application still cannot hide your WA status when the application is in use. This online message will appear just below the person’s chat window name.

WhatsApp itself doesn’t provide a way to work around this, and neither will Google Chat, which can allow users to be invisible.

However, you can try with premium features to hide online status from others. The method is quite simple, that is, you don’t need to open chat and reply to messages only from the notification panel.

WhatsApp’s quick reply feature doesn’t just allow you to reply to notification panel messages. But also without having to open the application so that your online status remains hidden from others, so that others do not see you are online.

This way, you can also chat freely with only the selected contacts, without anyone knowing that you are online.

This trick is quite easy to do and doesn’t require any extra effort. Even if this method is not interesting enough, it will be easier for you to respond quickly.

However, it is very effective when you really need some time to rest but don’t want to turn off your phone data. This will also make you less contacted by others, because your online status will no longer be visible on the chat screen.

Other WhatsApp Privacy Options Are Important

When entering the privacy menu, it’s a good idea to pay attention to some of the other WhatsApp privacy options available under this option. Besides being able to hide your online status, this privacy menu can also limit the visibility of your profile picture, on the page and its status.

This final setting that you can use is to turn off the read receipts feature. In addition to turning off the online status feature, for receipts that are disabled, reciprocity will also apply. Which means you can’t see other people’s receipts either.

Using the WhatsApp Mod App

If the above is how to remove online status on whatsapp through the original whatsapp version of the application, but many consider that method to be quite difficult to understand and also very limited in terms of the features offered.

Below are other options that you can do to get rid of online status on WhatsApp, not only that, you can also explore other features with the WhatsApp mod version.

The following are the best wa mod recommendations for how to remove online status on WhatsApp which you can use for your privacy and personal interests.

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp

This application is quite popular among modification application lovers. GB WhatsApp has many users. This is because the features are rich enough that you can freely customize it.

At the beginning of its launch, this application was developed by the developer Heymods. Several versions have been released and have been updated by various developers.

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus

This application is one of the most widely used WhatsApp modifications for How to Remove Online Status on WhatsApp.

Its use is widely recommended because of its simple and stable appearance. So this app is perfect for anyone who wants more privacy without a complicated look.

Rafalete is the developer of the initial release of this app. Currently, there are many versions of WhatsApp Plus released by different developers. However, it would be better to use the original version from the original developer.



This WA modification application is widely used in the country. The reason for this is that the interface is easy to understand and therefore easier to adapt to the user. Not only that, the features in it are no less interesting than other WA mod applications.

WhatsApp Aero

aero wa

As a developer, Bozkurt Hazarr offers a lot of cool features in WhatsApp Aero. This young Turkish developer made this modified application in 2020. Although it has not existed for a long time, there are some WhatsApp Aero fans.



For those of you who have been using the modified WA application for a long time, you are certainly no stranger to the Fouad Mods developer. He developed FMWhatsApp in one of the very popular modification applications.

One of its interesting features is the abundant stock of themes. There are even thousands of them. You can use it according to your taste, be it funny, unique, cartoon and so on.

Cocoo WhatsApp

Cocoo WhatsApp

This application is relatively new because it has not been released for a long time. In 2020 Cocoo WhatsApp added a list of WA modification applications that you can try. One of the advantages of this application is the beauty effect feature.

This unique feature is suitable for those of you who want to produce interesting photos to upload as stories. So you can use it to get great photos without any additional application.

The final word

Thus our explanation of how to remove online status on WhatsApp, there are many ways you can do to find this out, but it’s better for you to still understand the community guide of the WhatsApp application itself.

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Hopefully what provides can be useful for all of you, thank you.


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