How to Remove Image Watermark Easily and Quickly

A watermark on an image is a sign in the form of text or a logo that has the meaning of ownership of the image. Some people put watermarks on their drawings so they won’t be claimed by others. But some want the watermark to be removed.

Actually removing the watermark on a work is not a good thing, it means we don’t respect him as the creator of the work. But there is no problem if permission has been given by the owner of the work to use the image, including removing the watermark, for example in editing.

Removing watermarks on images can be done with the help of programs such as Adobe Photoshopbut the easiest and fastest way is to do it online. So just click this and click that, the watermark will disappear in an instant.

How to Remove Watermark on Images

The service used to remove watermarks online is TheInpaint. The website can not only be used in terms of removing watermarks, even objects in images can also be removed neatly. Here’s the procedure:

  1. Go to TheInpaint website.

  2. Click on button Upload Image.

    Click the Upload Image Button

  3. Select which image you want to remove the watermark from.

  4. On the editor, please red mark on the watermark.

    Mark Red on Watermark

  5. And after that click the button Delete.

    Remove Watermark on Image

  6. Now the watermark will disappear. Continue click button download to save it.

    Click the Download Button

  7. And in the dialog that appears, click the button again Download Low Resolution.

    Download Image Results

  8. Done, a download dialog will appear in the browser.

Why is the Image Size Small?

The website can only be used for free to download images in small resolution. It’s different if you buy the product, then the user can download the image in its original resolution.

The best part, users no need to create an account just to remove the watermark. And the worst part is the resulting image size is limited to 600×400. With such a large size, I think it is more suitable for use as an image thumbnail.

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Are There Other Ways to Increase Image Resolution?

Yes, but in the process of enlarging it, do not use the services of the website, but use the services image enhancementone of the example is imgupscalerplease search it on Google.

So the results of low resolution images from TheInpaint you can enlarge and clarify the image using the service image enhancement without breaking the image. The image will be 4x clearer than before.

That’s all I can share in this article. If you have problems or maybe have other better alternatives, you are very welcome to write them in the comments column.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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