How to remove ID number from Getcontact app

suitekno.idHow to remove our number ID from Getcontact app This is a privacy ploy so that the number is not discovered in Getcontact and cannot be searched again by Getcontact. In this way, all tags(s) that other people give our mobile numbers on Getcontact are automatically lost or deleted.

So when someone tries to find our mobile number identity in Getcontact app, the notification that appears is: “Unfortunately, we cannot share the results because the owner of this number refuses to be visible on Getcontact! If you are looking for this number for commercial purposes, you can ask this person to be visible again on Getcontact!

Basically, we (as the owner of the mobile number) refuse to lookup our number in the Getcontact app. This way, the identity of our number will never be found by Getcontact again.

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How to remove a mobile phone number identity so that it cannot be searched on Getcontact

Here are the steps on how to make our Number ID unsearchable in Getcontact:

1. Go to Getcontact management page

  • For these steps to remove the identity of a number in Getcontact, it is recommended to use a desktop / laptop
  • First step, please open the link Getcontact Manage your privacy profile From:
How to remove a mobile phone number identity so that it cannot be searched on Getcontact

2. Log in to your Getcontact account

  • Excuse me sign in To Getcontact account with the number you want not to be identified on Getcontact
  • You can log in with WhatsApp or via SMS
  • It is recommended to log in with SMS only, to be more secure. After that, you will be asked to login OTP Codes To check, which is sent via SMS. How to remove ID number from Getcontact appThen continue the process until you are actually logged in and appear on the page screen “Your phone number has been verified!“.
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3. Scroll down, and click the Visibility Settings button

  • If you have logged in successfully, you will see different identification tags for your number in the Getcontact app
  • Excuse me scroll down, then find and tap the button Visibility settings

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4. Change the visibility of the search from on to off

  1. Then it will appear to you thatSee searchactive. Excuse me disable This feature, so that the number cannot be searched on Getcontact.
  2. Therefore, it will appear pop up The warning below, after deactivation, it is possible that your new number will be lost / not found again, no later than the next three hours. The number will appear again (searchable on Getcontact) when you log back into the Getcontact app with the same number.
  3. Well, please press the button yesif you understand and agree.
How to delete ID number from Getcontact app

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5. You are automatically logged out of Getcontact

  1. A moment after you click the Yes button, you will automatically log out of the Getcontact app. The nickname returns to the login page
  2. This means that the steps to remove numbers from the Getcontact app are completely completed.
  3. Then it can be ensured that in the next few hours, others cannot look up your number in the Getcontact app.

Thus, every time someone else searches for your number in the Getcontact search field, a notification like the following will appear:

How to remove ID number from Getcontact app

That’s how it is, how? Easy enough, right?

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The last word

For those who are still wondering why the number is not listed in Getcontact or the number can’t be searched on Getcontact? One possibility is that the owner of the number has restricted the privacy of the number so that it cannot be searched in the Getcontact app.

This is information about How to delete ID number from Getcontact app, which is a way to prevent numbers from being discovered by Getcontact. We hope it will be understood and followed. Hope it was useful and good luck!

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