How to Remove Adware on Android Without Root Latest 2020

How to remove Adware on Android without root Everyone currently uses Android smartphones extensively. Users also do not know the age limit, from young children to the elderly are now very good at using this smartphone.

Its vast users across the globe make Android smartphones something that everyone uses heavily.

In fact we can’t deny anymore, that Android has a myriad of benefits for everyone, ranging from communications, entertainment facilities, information sources, and much more.

Currently the smartphone has various types of variants, as well as many options for cheap Android smartphones of high quality.

So it is no longer difficult for us to find a smartphone with the specifications we want, friends, especially now that many brands of smartphones are sold in the market.

That’s why so many people now own Android smartphones, and in fact almost everyone owns one.

So for those of you who have an Android smartphone, are you not suddenly popping up when using Android ads? Of course, my friend, this is indeed one of the obstacles that always makes Android vulnerable to viruses and ads.

What is adware?

Adware is an advertisement for a product or service offering that is part of a website or application. Scripts written on web pages allow adware to run on their own (auto-run applications) which will appear when we browse certain websites or launch applications.

And the problem must be very annoying for all the activities on your smartphone. Ad viruses or adware are advertisements that appear suddenly when using a smartphone.

These pop-up ads usually end up installing other apps without permission.

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Where did adware come from?

Some adware is included in free apps, such as MyWay Searchbar which features services like SmileyCentral, Zwinky, and WeatherBug.

Adware and spyware can stick to your computer, especially if you are surfing the Internet or have an operating system with enough gaps to get into.

How to remove Adware (Ad Virus) on Android

For those who have experienced this problem or often encountered it, in this discussion we recommend a number of methods that we can use to remove ad viruses or adware on Android without root.

Of course, this method is very easy. Train properly. For more details, read and absorb the discussion below.

1. How to remove Adware on Android without root

How to remove Adware (Ad Virus) on Android
  • First check the Android management access in Menu Settings – Security – Device Administrator.
  • If any suspicious application has active administrative access, turn it off immediately.
  • Next, remove any suspicious applications requesting early administrative access. It is highly recommended to **wipe data** and cache first before deleting it.

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2. With anti-virus and anti-malware applications

Antivirus and malware apps
  • The first step is to install and download the application: Malwarebytes.
  • Then scan your Android phone completely. If you have a virus, click Quarantine or Remove Virus.

3. Remove Adware on Android using Safe Mode

If the above method still does not work, it is because the adware was disguised as a system application. To fix this, you can use another method by entering safe mode.

  • First, enter safe mode with the power and volume buttons in combination. However, how to enter safe mode varies for each smartphone.
  • After entering safe mode, you will find that all other installed apps are gone, except for system apps. The installed adware will remain as a system, and you can try to uninstall it in safe mode.
  • After uninstalling, please restart your Android device.

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Thus, our article on how to remove adware on Android without root, we hope will help you remove adware on your Android device.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.

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