How to pray the 2022 lunar eclipse

HARGABELANJA.COM – You need to know the procedure for praying a lunar eclipse if this phenomenon occurs, you can run it. An eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when an object in space moves into the shadow of another celestial body. Eclipses that often occur on earth are lunar eclipses and solar eclipses.

This phenomenon is the greatness of Allah SWT. Every Muslim who knows there will be a solar eclipse will usually perform the sunnah prayer. You can do both for a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse. For those who don’t know how to do it, this time we will discuss the procedure for praying a lunar eclipse.

What is a lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse is a phenomenon that occurs when the moon is covered by Earth’s shadow. This one event occurs when the positions of the sun, earth, and moon are right or almost in a straight line. The type and duration of a lunar eclipse depends on the distance of the moon from its vertices. This phenomenon has occurred in 2021 which is almost visible in all parts of Indonesia.

The types of lunar eclipses include total, partial, and penumbral eclipses. Each has its own definition of adjusting to the shadow of the earth covering the surface of the moon. The sun, earth, and moon are exactly in a straight line that causes this phenomenon to occur.

How to pray a lunar eclipse

For those who want to perform the sunnah prayer of a lunar eclipse, there are several stages that you must know in advance as follows:

  • Intention
  • Takbiratul Ihram
  • Read the iftitah prayer which is continued by Al-Fatihah and other letters with long and loud letters
  • Rukuk while extending the reading
  • Sobriety
  • Don’t prostrate right away but go back to reading Al Fatihah and a shorter letter
  • Back to the bow
  • Sobriety
  • A long prostration is like a bow, sitting between two prostrations and then prostrating again
  • Get up from prostration and do the second rak’ah
  • Continue the movement as before but shorter
  • Salam

Regarding the implementation, it is almost the same as the obligatory prayer, but there are differences. Especially in the intention part that you must know first. For the intention of praying a lunar eclipse, you can see the lafadz as follows:

“Ushalli sunnatan-likhusuufi-syamsi imaaman / makmuman lillahi taaaalaa”

Meaning: I intend to sunnah eclipse the sun as an imam/mammum for the sake of Allah alone.

If you can’t use Arabic, you can intend to use your own language that is easy to understand. After understanding the intention, you can immediately carry out the next steps starting from takbiratul ikhram to greetings.

The Law of the Lunar Eclipse Prayer

In addition to knowing the procedure of lunar eclipse prayer, you also need to understand the law of this one prayer. The lunar eclipse prayer is prescribed in the fifth year of Hijri. According to a strong opinion, this prayer is performed in the month of Jumadal Akhirah. The majority of scholars state that the law of performing eclipse prayers is sunnah muakkad.

This is in accordance with the basis of the Qur’an Surah Fushilat {[41]: 37} which means:

“Some of the signs of His greatness are night, day, sun, and moon. Do not prostrate to the sun and not to the moon, but prostrate to God who created all that, if you only worship Him “QS Fushilat {[41]: 37}

That’s an explanation of the law and procedures for praying a lunar eclipse that you can follow properly and correctly. For those who do not understand it, you can ask the closest cleric directly regarding the implementation of the lunar eclipse prayer. If this phenomenon occurs, it will be a pity if you do not follow it because you will get a great reward.

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