How to pay pawnshops through BRIVA

INDEK-NEWS.COM – How to pay pawnshops through BRIVA. Speaking of finances, there are different ways that can be done to borrow money through online loans and offline loans. One way to offer offline loans is through Pegadaian.

Who will mortgage any item for a loan. After they get the loan, the payment is made in installments every month. Payment of installments can be done in several ways, one of which is through How to pay for a pawnshop via BRIVA .

Then the question arises how to pay for a pawnshop through BRIVA? In fact, the method of processing payments through Brimo is very easy, of course, you need to know in advance the steps and how to do it in detail.

Why should you use BRIVA? Not using BRIVA is also not a problem because many of the ways can also be through BCA, and BRImo can be through BNI or other banks. But on this occasion, the tutorial that will be explained regarding pawnshops will be: How to pay for a pawnshop via BRIVA .

In addition, the Pegadaian can also use the installments for its clients so as not to burden them financially because the method of mortgage payments through Brimo can be done in stages each month.

Well, you don’t have to linger to learn how to do it and tutorials How to pay for Pegadaian through BRIVA, Read and pay attention to the explanation below.

How to pay pawnshops through BRIVA

With BRIVA in place, because the majority of those who have used the services offered by BRI banks can use BRIVA. So How to pay a Pegadaian through BRIVA, see below.

  • First, open the BRI Mobile app.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Select and click Pay
  • Select and click BRIVA
  • Then enter the transaction code and the pawn credit number in the pawn proof.
  • Here is the transaction code to redeem the lien: 30153
  • Here is the transaction code to expand the pawnshop: 30151
  • Here is the transaction code to pay off the mortgage: 30152
  • Then enter the nominal amount of the bill to be paid
  • Select and click OK
  • Enter your BRI Mobile PIN
  • Select and click Submit
  • Wait a few moments for the payment to be successful
  • he did

How to pay pawnshops through BRImo

  • Open your Primo app.
  • Then log in with your user and password.
  • Select and click Payment List.
  • Select and click the pawnshop list.
  • Select and click the type of transaction.
  • Then enter the credit number in the backty section of the message.
  • Select and click Continue.
  • Then enter the face value of the invoice.
  • Select it and click OK to confirm.
  • Then insert your primo pin.
  • Detailed information displayed.
  • Select it and click Submit.
  • Keep proof of mortgage payment.
  • he did.

These are tutorials and related information that can be transferred How to pay for a pawnshop via BRIVA . We hope this article was helpful and added insight for all of us, especially in the digital world and see you.

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