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How to Overcome Technology Unemployment in Indonesia

How to deal with technology unemployment – The flow of life that we live today has pros and cons to nature and the policies implemented by the central and local governments. All the programs that have been implemented by the government, not necessarily all the people agree, but as a people we can only follow the policies that have been regulated in the legislation.

In this technological era, it can be called the industrial revolution. This means that almost the majority of human work is replaced by machines. So now there is no need to work hard anymore in doing something heavy and the work is finished quickly. The presence of technology certainly brings various positive and negative impacts.

One example of technology that is in great demand by the people of Indonesia is application-based or online games. Where through this platform we can get extraordinary income. However, it all comes back to how to use it, if used in a negative way then the impact will also be extraordinary.

Back to our core discussion, based on the keywords I took, namely how to overcome technological unemployment, netizens are looking for quite a lot. This can be proven from the number of searches on Google. Talking about unemployment, in February in Indonesia alone it has touched the figure of 8.40 million people.

There are many types of unemployment in Indonesia, ranging from seasonal unemployment, transitional unemployment, unemployment due to too high wages, structural unemployment, voluntary unemployment, potential unemployment, conjuncture unemployment and including technological unemployment which we will discuss today.

Of the many types of unemployment here, I will only discuss technological unemployment. Do you already know why technology unemployment can occur? To find out the answer, let’s look at the explanation below until it’s finished.

Technological Unemployment at a Glance

Technological unemployment is where they are unemployed because they have lost their jobs due to not being able to keep up with the times. The point here is that human work has begun to be replaced by machines or computers. For example, conventional motorcycle taxi drivers with ojol (online motorcycle taxis), where now to get a lot of customers and high income, of course Ojol is superior.

Why is that so? Because Ojol here already uses advanced technology, while conventional motorcycle taxis wait for passengers. If conventional motorcycle taxis cannot get passengers continuously, it is certain that in the future they will become technologically unemployed.

Actually, it’s not only the motorcycle taxi driver who will experience unemployment. With this technology, there are many other professions, such as factory workers or office workers, which in the future human work will be replaced by machines. Now the central government continues to aggressively develop advanced technology whose main goal is, all work that uses muscles will be replaced by machines.

Therefore, like it or not, the quality of human resources or skills of the Indonesian people must be at a higher level. This is to prevent the occurrence of gaptek and the higher unemployment rate. So how do you prevent or overcome this technological unemployment rate? It’s quite easy, please read the information below.

Professions That Will Be Affected by Technological Developments

  1. Letter Introduction
  2. Conventional motorcycle taxi
  3. Traditional Weaver
  4. Pearl Diver
  5. Teaching Staff (Lecturers & Teachers)
  6. Cashier
  7. Librarian
  8. Parking attendants
  9. teller bench
  10. Dll

How to Overcome Technology Unemployment

1. Conduct Training for Those Affected

For those who are unemployed, affected by technological developments, the government should hold training according to their respective talents and interests. This training should not be done once or twice, but until they are all experts and ready to go into the field.

If they are experts and have the capital, of course they will open up new jobs. Automatically, the unemployment rate in Indonesia will be slightly reduced. For example, weaving training which is still traditional, must be given training using a machine in order to work as an operator of this machine.

2. Open a busy new job field

To overcome this technological unemployment, it would be better if the government took a labor-intensive program. Thus they can work again and have an income.

3. Improve the Quality of Education

As we know, Indonesian people’s interest in learning is still quite low, this can be proven by those around us. If the interest in learning is low, it may be due to the inadequate quality of education in the school.

It is important to improve the quality of this education in the future, it will affect the people of Indonesia. If the quality of education is low, it will be difficult to get a job. Why? because they cannot keep up with increasingly sophisticated technological developments, so they will be unemployed due to technological developments.

4. Providing Capital Loan Credit

Technological developments have both positive and negative impacts. The positive impact is that it is easier for human work to be completed. To keep up with the development of this technology, of course, requires a large amount of funds or capital.

If you don’t have capital, it will be difficult to keep up with current technological developments. Therefore, the government is obliged to provide capital loans to its people so that they can make business capital. For example, conventional motorcycle taxi drivers can borrow money to buy smartphones so they can become Ojol drivers (online motorcycle taxis).

Thus a brief discussion of the Unemployment Candidate Site on How to Overcome Technological Unemployment. Hopefully this information can be useful and solve the problem you are experiencing. That is all and thank you.


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