How to Overcome Can’t Enter My Telkomsel

My Telkomsel is an application intended for cellular card customers from Telkomsel to get convenience in buying a package or checking card information quickly and practically. Basically, users only need to enter a phone number to enter the application.

But sometimes unexpected things can happen, for example, there is a problem when you want to enter the My Telkomsel application. Whether it’s not getting a verification code, an error message appears, or other things.

If you experience something like that, it’s best not to worry too much, because here I will share some easy solutions to overcome it so that your number can be connected again with the My Telkomsel application.

Solution Can’t Enter My Telkomsel Application

The reasons for the failure to log in to the My Telkomsel application are actually various, but will be easier to resolve when it appears error message on the screen. And here are some easy steps to fix it, please follow starting from the first.

1. Updating My Telkomsel App

Usually once a month there is a version update of the My Telkomsel application. The latest version usually brings updates and fixes to errors in previous versions.

So if you are currently using the old version of the My Telkomsel application, it’s a good idea to update the application first, and then try to log in again.

2. Use Another Internet Network to Login

For example, currently you are using cellular data to enter the My Telkomsel application, try to switch to WiFi network. Because it could happen trouble while on the cellular data network on your cellphone so it cannot be used to enter the My Telkomsel application.

If there is no WiFi network nearby, try asking for a hotspot for a while to friends or family around just to try to enter the My Telkomsel application. This is to ensure that the problem is from the internet network or from the My Telkomsel system itself.

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3. There has been a temporary interruption in the My Telkomsel application

If the system has a problem, an error message code will appear when you want to log in. This usually happens temporarily, more or less only a few minutes. So try to wait a while and then try to login again.

4. My Telkomsel Verification Code Not Received

When you want to enter, My Telkomsel requires a verification code sent via SMS in order to verify ownership of the number. But if the verification code is not received, it is likely that there is a problem with the My Telkomsel system.

For this problem, I prefer to contact customer service Telkomsel, be it by phone, Twitter, or email.

In the past I also experienced the same thing, and after contacting CS Telkomsel, they make special tickets. And the day after, my number was able to get a verification code again to be able to enter the My Telkomsel application.

Those are just some of the solutions I can give. Overall, this problem is not only caused by the user, but the application system may experience temporary problems.

And doing some of the solutions above is very easy and fast, more or less you only need to spend a maximum of 15-20 minutes while doing it. However, if the problem is caused by the My Telkomsel system, I would suggest contacting Telkomsel CS to find out more information.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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