How to Overcome Android Phone Volume Up and Down Alone

For those of you Android phone users, you may experience problems where the volume of your phone goes up and down by itself, even though the volume button is not pressed at all. If you have, it turns out that you are not the only one who has experienced this problem, quite a lot of Android cellphone users have experienced this problem.

For the cause of the problem, there are several reasons that trigger it. Where among the causes of the problem and how to fix it we will discuss in this article.

Here’s How To Overcome Android Phone Volume Up And Down On Its Own

1. Incompatible or Damaged Headphones or Headsets

We start to analyze the easy things first. Does this volume up and down occurs only when you plug in the headset?

The difference between the electronic components in the headset and the phone, can cause the Android phone to assume that it is receiving a volume down signal or vice versa.

The solution, try removing your headset, does the volume keep going up and down? If possible try using another headset. Or you can check the headset port / audio jack on your cellphone whether there is dust or other foreign objects trapped in the port hole? If there is, immediately clean the audio port using a soft material.

If the problem persists, there may be damage to your headset or audio port.

2. Disable Do Not Disturb Mode

Another volume up and down problem is that you intentionally or unintentionally activate the Do Not Disturb Mode feature.

3. You’re Using an Incompatible Theme

Changing the theme can indeed beautify the appearance of your phone, but in some cases, the theme is usually accompanied by sound and sound settings. Of course this can affect from your volume settings.

Even more so if you installed an unsupported theme for your phone, or you did the wrong settings in the application of the theme.

4. Enable the Mono Audio Feature

Notes :

Not all android phones have this Mono feature, but you can check and activate this feature, in the following way:

Go to the menu Settings > Accessibility > Hearing> Aktifkan Mono audio

5. Disable Volume Protection Feature

Some Android phones have a sound protection feature, where this feature will warn you if the volume you set is too loud. This feature can also trigger volume fluctuations.

And if that condition happens then, this auto protection feature will lower your volume setting. You can disable this feature in your phone’s sound settings.

6. Update Your Phone’s Operating System

Another possibility is that this problem could be triggered due to a bug in your operating system.

By doing an update can solve problems like this.

7. Your Volume Button or Component is Damaged

A broken volume button can also trigger this kind of problem. Especially before your phone has been in water.

My advice, take it to the service center to check.

8. Do a Factory Reset

Before doing a factory reset, do a backup first on the data on your phone. Because this reset process will erase all your data, and make the phone back to factory settings, just like when you bought it.

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