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How to Overcome Android Lag and Slow Easily without Applications

Hello bosquu, welcome to, on this occasion the admin will share How to Overcome Lag & Hang Android Phones easily.

Basically Android is mainly used on smartphones or mobile devices, and Android has many advantages over other smartphones.

So do not be surprised if many people prefer Android over other smartphones, in fact we are dealing with various types of mobile phones that exist today.

But most often on the market Android smartphones are sold which of course we already have.

You can run many applications on your android phone and play many games directly on your android phone.

If you have an Android phone, Android has great specs for everyday multitasking against a cellphone with the apple logo kroak.

But behind all that, Android has shortcomings and sometimes Android performance drops, causing frequent errors, slowness, hangs, and lags.

So what happens when an Android phone has this kind of experience? Of course, when you’re on Android, it’s a pain because it’s underpowered and out of place.

Therefore, you need to fix it by overcoming Android lag/hangs easily.

So it is necessary to re-optimize the android, to be honest it is very annoying when you encounter this, maybe you also experience the same thing.

Tips for Overcoming Lag and Slow Android without Reset

At least you can fix a stuck or lag android smartphone by overcoming hang and lag without root, of course this method is quite easy for you to do.

Here’s how to fix android pauses / hangs too fast.

1. Don’t Use Live Wallpaper

For those of you who don’t know what a live wallpaper is, we explain that a live wallpaper is designed to beautify the appearance of your smartphone by setting it as a live wallpaper.

But you should be aware that live wallpapers can slow down your Android phone, which is worse than lag or death.

Now you shouldn’t use live wallpapers on Android to avoid lags and hangs.

But don’t worry, friend, your Android phone is still cool with ordinary wallpapers. The important thing is that you can use png and jpg images and use images that are simple and light.

We don’t recommend gif format to make your android phone run faster and less sluggish because it will also affect wallpaper elements.

2. Clear Cache on Android Phone

You should be aware that when playing and opening some applications, each piece of data is received and stored in a temporary file, which we usually refer to as cache.

When the cache is large, the cache is stored in the internal memory.

Android OS slows down performance and causes Android phone to freeze due to cache overflow while running other apps.

The best solution for android is to delay shutdown in the third step and clear cache yourself, clearing cache is not difficult.

You need to install “CCleaner” on your Android phone. Then use CCleaner to open and clear cache on Android, you can find download in Google Play Store.

3. Clean Apps & Game Data

The next thing to do is to delete apps and games that you no longer use, which works great when you experience lags and freeze your Android friends.

We removed Google Maps, Google Plus, and other apps that we never used. Though, it’s a default app that we never use. How to delete data as follows.

  • go to settings
  • Select Application manager > Applications in phone.
  • Click Clear data, clear log data, etc.

But you need to know that if your android phone becomes a burden then you don’t need to uninstall the application, but it depends on your needs.

4. Uninstall/Remove Unused Apps

Next to remove apps installed on Android phones is to make the Android phone too heavy when the app is too big.

This is because when you install an application, it is usually installed in memory, although memory is usually used for data processing.

It can quickly suspend or shut down your Android if you have too many apps installed. Here’s how to fix Android lagging by deleting unused apps:

  • Open the settings menu.
  • Then click Application Manager > Select Application.
  • Then click Uninstall and wait a while until the application is completely uninstalled.

To fix this, you will definitely need to uninstall some heavy apps and apps that you don’t use, this method is very effective and easy to use.

In this way, the system will keep the Android phone memory free and freeze at the same time.

5. Update OS

Well, the last and the most works well mate, so when there is a delay in launching the app on the Android phone, the app may not be compatible with the old Android OS.

So it is better to upgrade your OS to a newer version. Certainly more impressive in function and appearance.

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Here is our article on how to suddenly reduce Android lag and crashes/hangs, I hope it helps you fix lag or shut down your phone.

Thank you for reading our article, see you in the next article.


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