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How to Overcome a Hanging Laptop and Tips for Not Slow / Lag

Hello guys, welcome back to, in this article there is an interesting discussion about how to fix a laptop hang so that it doesn’t slow down, which we will discuss below.

Laptop or computer is an important device for humans besides Smartphone. Because smartphones are also programmed through a computer, the computer is the main tool that makes other devices form.

Well, when using a computer, we often feel a computer that feels slow, hot, and even lags often occur and it’s not uncommon for us to experience hangs on our laptops or PCs.

This situation often occurs in older versions of windows such as windows vista and also up to newer versions such as windows 10.

Causes of Laptop Hanging on Windows 7,8,8,1 and 10

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This sometimes makes us upset, especially when we are in a hurry when we want to present or do assignments.

Now from the above situation, we are here to provide a solution for how to deal with a laptop that hangs easily, but before we go to the discussion, it’s a good idea to first identify the causes of a laptop that hangs as follows.

a laptop that hangs is an event where the computer cannot run processes or there is a system error when the computer is working, and there are many causes.

Here are the causes and also things we should avoid when using a laptop or computer.

Low Ram or Memory

Laptop hangs problem because RAM is not installed. This is known to all laptop users.

Therefore, check the size of the installed memory. For Intel Pentium 4 laptops with Windows XP operating system and standard applications, it is recommended to increase RAM to at least 1 GB.

Too many programs installed

Click [Tambah / Hapus Program] in Control Panel, remove unnecessary programs, and check installed programs.

The more programs installed, the more programs and services will run when Windows starts.

Enter msconfig in the Run menu and invoke the system configuration program to disable the initial running programs and services automatically.

Next, on the Services and Launch tab, disable unwanted apps. To see which applications are running, you can use the Process Explorer tool.

With this tool you can view and disable (stop) unwanted or suspicious applications.

Swollen Files

The next reason the laptop hangs is to inflate temporary files. In Windows XP the files are under “C:Documents and SettingsUsername_UserLocal SettingsTemp” and “C:WINDOWSTemp”.

Delete files in both locations to clean them up, or click Run to run a disk cleanup program. Enter “cleanmgr” and select the drive to be cleaned.

Hard disk problem

The hard disk is the second component after RAM and can cause a laptop to crash. Problems with hanging laptop due to hard drive are caused by the following:

  • Not enough space.
  • Fragmented hard drive.
  • Hard drive is old, speed drops.
  • Bad sector

Too many programs running

Security programs such as antivirus programs and firewalls are additional applications that can be used on laptops. However, be careful not to overdo it. For example, install several antivirus programs at the same time.

System files corrupt or Error

This usually happens after the laptop is infected with a virus and the infected files are corrupted or deleted. The simplest solution is to fix the operating system you are using.

Presence of viruses, malware or spyware

If your laptop has been attacked by a virus or malware, you will need to start Windows Safe Mode, disable System Restore, and use a virus cleaning program.


Hard drive overheating, It happens to hard drive, VGA card, processor or CPU, affects laptop performance and causes laptop to automatically hang, slow down or restart

For that, make sure the air circulation and fan on the CPU are working properly so that they are free of dust and work smoothly.

How to Fix Laptop Hangs on Windows 7,8,8,1 and 10

Fixed the problem of laptop hanging when entering BIOS

  • First restart your laptop and then enter BIOS mode. When you switch to BIOS mode, there are different keys for each laptop depending on the laptop brand.
  • When entering the BIOS screen, select [Fitur BIOS Lanjut] and look for the BIOS cache. In this case, disable the option.
  • Then press F10 to save and press Enter.

How to fix laptop hangs at startup

Laptops can suddenly crash when starting Windows. This can have a variety of causes:

  • There is a problem with the Windows program. The file system may be missing, corrupted, or infected with a virus. Scan your registry with CCleaner and look for viruses in your virus protection program.
  • RAM and fan dirt. The solution is to clean the RAM with an eraser, brush, or vacuum cleaner. When in doubt, contact a reputable technician. Another way to analyze is better.
  • This may be due to a problem with the motherboard. If you are trying to improve, ask a specialist.

Overcome a lagging laptop

To work around this problem, do the following:

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc, select the unresponsive program, and click End Task.
  • For other methods, press Ctrl + Alt + Del and then select an option. To kill a program, select Task Manager and follow the steps above.
  • After that, usually the laptop returns to normal.

Overcome laptop hangs while playing games

There are several other reasons why the laptop hangs while playing games.

  • Insufficient laptop technical data.
  • Laptop fan is off.
  • Hard drive problem.
  • Processor and VGA Card hot.
  • Bad RAM or VGA card.

Solve it as follows:

  • Adjust the specifications of the laptop with the specs of the game.
  • Install additional cooling in the laptop (fan, Etc.)
  • Check VGA card driver and Ram usage
  • Uninstall the game.

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So that’s our discussion of How to Overcome a Hanging Laptop that we have explained in this article. with the steps above, you can try it on your computer or laptop at home.

Thank you for visiting our website. check our other articles, because we present many tips and tricks and tutorials about the latest technology. Thanks.


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