How to Make White Carp Bait

How to Make White Carp Bait. 1 sachet of white powdered milk. Basically, goldfish will always grab a bait that is tasty and has a fishy aroma regardless of its shape.

How to make carp baits that are liked by brooders / BUDI KOMARA here it is - How to make white carp baits
How to make carp bait that is liked by brooders / BUDI KOMARA here it is from

White bait may be sold in many fishing shops, but it will be more delicious if you use your own concoction, here we will show you how to mix fishy-scented white bait for maknyoss carp, read through: Some of the busy ingredients below are also good ingredients. good for proven carp fishing by beginners or senior anglers. However, how to give the essence must be in accordance with the dose and not too much.

After that, add 3 chicken eggs and stir again until evenly distributed.

In general, one bottle of essence can be used to make white bait up to 3 times. Soak the cobs in hot water for 10 minutes. The basic ingredients that must be prepared to make carp bait.

How to make a super simple white carp bait recipe This white bait is also suitable for fishing in the arena of competition and private fishing as daily bait. Usually Promadona Anglers Mania Apply White Carp Bait in Fishing Contests. For that, here are powerful baits for fishing Mr.

Chicken egg whites (4) points 2. How to make Pak Ikin’s special carp white bait for competitions and daily greetings, see you again with kang pochi, in this video I will share another method. Champion goldfish bait concoction.

Drain and discard the black fish meat.

The most common method used to lure goldfish is with phosphorus worms or red worms. 1 salted egg and take the yolk only. Second carp white bait ingredients:

Tutorial on how to make the most accurate bait for carp fishing, it’s hard to eat, for those of you who are confused about finding bait, it’s not wrong to try carp bait concoctions.

1 egg take the white. After the dough is flat and smells fishy, ​​prepare 2 plastics measuring 1 kg to put the dough. Blend tempeh and cheese.

In the plastic, put 2 pieces of crushed pandan leaves.

Those are some carp baits that you can make yourself at home. Stir all ingredients until evenly mixed and has a smooth texture. The first step in making this powerful carp bait is to mix duck eggs, dancow milk, corn, pindang fish, and coconut milk.

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