How to make an online SIM via cellphone – terms and costs

How to make an online SIM is now possible along with technological developments. SIM Register on line is a manufacturing service driver’s license issued by the Traffic Corps of the Republic of Indonesia Police (Korlantas Polri) in the digital era.

SIM making on line This can be done whenever and wherever you want. Since April 12, 2021, you only need a device like smartphonea computer or laptop that is connected to the internet can directly register via website or the official Korlantas application, namely the Sinar Application (Presisi National SIM).

Through the Sinar Application, SIM applicants no longer need to bother coming to the location where the SIM was made at the Daan Mogot Police SIM Administration Unit (Satpas), West Jakarta, or the local police station.

So that through this online Satpas list, it will certainly make it easier for people, especially those who are busy working, to make this driving license.

Apart from making a new SIM on lineYou can also extend your sim online through a -based service on line this.

Two options how to make a SIM on line

SIM making procedure on line fairly easy and fast. You can do it anywhere and anytime as long as there is a strong internet network.

The method of making this online SIM, according to the Korlantas Polri website,, includes theoretical testing through the Sinar application, psychological testing using the E-PPsi application, and health services through the E-Rikkes application. .

However, for those who apply for a new SIM. Applicants must still come to the Satpas to practice directly at the SIM making place.

There are currently two ways to register for SIM creation online on linewhether it’s a new SIM or an extension, namely through the Korlantas Polri website and the Sinar Application.

How to register a SIM online through the Korlantas Polri website

Here’s how to make an online SIM through the Korlantas Polri website:

  • Open registration site on line by
  • Click the ‘Online SIM Registration’ option on the front page.
  • Fill in the application data (type of application, SIM class, Arrival Police, Satpas arrival for exams).
  • Fill in complete personal data including the Population Identification Number.
  • Fill in the emergency data.
  • Confirm the data that has been filled in.
  • Choose a payment method for SIM creation or renewal.
  • Choose a date of arrival to the Satpas (for SIM renewal, do not choose an arrival date that exceeds the validity period of the SIM).
  • Fill out a refund account (registration funds will be returned if the applicant resigns or does not pass the exam).
  • Approve SIM registration on line.
  • After that, just come to the Satpas office that was selected during registration.
  • Undergo a medical examination to obtain a certificate of physical and mental health.
  • Photo and fingerprint taking.
  • Practice exams to test driving skills.
  • Unfortunately, not all Satpas can accept manufacture directly on line. So, before registering, first check which Satpas receive this service. Large and metropolitan cities usually already exist, for example, i SIM on line Bekasi, Bandung online SIM, and SIM on line Surabaya.

How to register a SIM online through the Sinar application

Meanwhile, if you want to make an online SIM through the Sinar application, here are the steps to take:

  • Download a digital application called SINAR (National Presisi SIM) through the “App Store” or “Play Store” on a smartphone for applicants who will make SIM A or SIM C.
  • Enter your mobile number and email for identity verification. Then you will get an OTP number through that number.
  • Enter the NIK along with the full name according to the ID that will be uploaded. If it is declared valid, then the online service for making and renewing a Driving License can be continued.
  • Re-enter the National Police Korlantas Digital application, and select the “SINAR” icon.
  • After that, fill in the available form, along with the ID card file, as well as a physical and spiritual certificate. If so, you will immediately get proof of registration via email.
  • Furthermore, if you have proof of registration, then you have to make a payment with the code provided by the Korlantas website or application.
  • After completing the payment, the applicant can directly come to the Satpas office that has been selected during registration according to the date selected during online registration, and bring his identity card (KTP) and health certificate, according to the date and location selected during online registration.

Then you just have to take a series of tests to get a new driver’s license consisting of a theory test, a practical exam, and a skills exam through a simulator. Applicants must pass during registration or online registration through the Sinar application. But for sim renewal, the test is no longer needed, unless you go up a class.

SIM making requirements on line

Once you know how to make a SIM onlineMake sure first that you have met some of the requirements for making an online SIM. The requirements are actually the same as when we come directly to the police station, namely as follows.

  • SIM maker age 17 years old for online SIM A, C, and D. Then for SIM A General, SIM BI, and general B2 a minimum of 22 years.
  • Fill out the registration form or registration from the police.
  • Original valid ID card.
  • Immigration documents for foreigners.
  • In addition to administrative, you must also have a certificate of physical and mental health.
  • Sight, hearing, and physical must be qualified to drive a vehicle.
  • Have good concentration skills.
  • Be careful when driving a vehicle.
  • Able to control themselves in any condition while driving.
  • Online SIM makers will still be required to take exams, namely theoretical and practical exams.

SIM making fee on line

SIM making fee with a different SIM extension. Regarding the tariff, it has been regulated in PP Number 60 of 2016 concerning the types and rates of the types of Non-Tax State Revenue that apply to the Indonesian National Police.

The fees for issuing a new SIM are as follows.

SIM group Cost
SIM A and A general IDR 120,000
General SIM B1 and B1 IDR 120,000
General B2 and B2 SIM IDR 120,000
YES C IDR 100,000
SIM D IDR 50,000

The SIM renewal fees in all regions, including the Jakarta SIM renewal, are as follows.

SIM group Cost
SIM A and A general IDR 80,000
General SIM B1 and B1 IDR 80,000
General B2 and B2 SIM IDR 80,000
YES C IDR 75,000
SIM D IDR 30,000
SIM D only D1 IDR 30,000
International Driving License Rp225.000

The amount of the fee applies to the manufacture or renewal of a SIM by coming directly to the Satpas or online.

However, these costs do not include costs for medical, psychological or medical tests accident insurance for SIM applicants, the details are as follows:

  • Insurance fee: IDR 30 thousand.
  • Physical health check: Rp. 25 thousand.
  • Spiritual health check: IDR 40 thousand.
  • SKUKP application: IDR 50 thousand.

For those who withdraw from the SIM-making process, or for example do not pass the theoretical and practical exams, the money paid will be returned to the account that was registered during registration. on line.

If you resign, the money will be returned within 1 x 24 hours from the date of resignation. Meanwhile, for those who do not pass the exam, the funds will be returned 1 x 24 hours after the result of the exam is announced.

Funds will be returned to a maximum of the amount of money paid.

How to pay SIM fees on line through Bank BRI

SIM payment on line This can be done through Bank BRI, namely using a BRIVA virtual account. There are two methods, namely via ATM or mobile banking.

Payment via BRI ATM:

  • Enter PIN
  • Select the payment menu
  • Continue to select the BRIVA menu
  • Enter the pay code that you get after online registration
  • Payment via internet banking
  • Log in to the BRI Mobile application
  • Select the payment menu
  • Then click the BRIVA menu
  • Finally, enter the payment code obtained after registration on line.

Excess registration or SIM creation on line

Public services that are carried out on line Of course, it aims to provide convenience for the community.

There are several advantages when you choose how to make a SIM online instead of having to come directly there. Here are the advantages.

1. Registration can be done anywhere and anytime

Online SIM registration does not need to register directly at the police station, just use a smart phone, computer device, and of course there is an internet connection. You can register directly online to get a schedule for theory and practice exams.

2. No need to queue when registering

Before this service was available, you were required to register directly with the police station. The thing that makes people lazy the most is the long queue and it takes a long time.

Not to mention if you are asked to fill in your personal data manually. However, with SIM register service on lineYou don’t have to queue anymore. Just click-click the registration process can be completed immediately.

3. Can choose the date of arrival

Even though it’s done on lineyou still have to go to the police station directly. Physical arrival is required for theory, practice, and taking exams. However, it’s good to make a SIM on lineYou can set your own arrival time at will.

4. Fast and accurate

Register SIM on line automatically reduces the time required for the entire SIM creation process. Because you don’t have to wait long because of the long queue for registration.

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