How to Make an Avatar on Instagram Easily

Creating an avatar in the Instagram application has become something that is possible for Android / IPhone users. The Instagram application has indeed been updated by Meta by adding the Instagram 3D Avatar feature. How to make an avatar on Instagram can be learned easily.

Do you want to quickly create an avatar in the Instagram app? Immediately, see more complete information to create an avatar using the IG application by reading this article! Read the article to the end to get more complete information!

What is the 3D Avatar Maker Feature in the Instagram App?

The 3D avatar maker feature on Instagram is a feature that allows users to create their own avatar using the Instagram application. This feature has a fairly complete selection or options, so it can produce a very diverse avatar character.

At first, the feature to create a 3D avatar was only available on the Facebook app. However, increasing user interest in this feature made Meta finally launch the feature in the Instagram application.

You only need to learn how to make your own avatar through the Instagram application so that you have an avatar according to your characteristics. Later, the finished avatar will be available in 40 different IG avatar stickers.

These 3D avatars can be sent or shared via Instagram Stories or Direct Messages via the mobile version of Instagram. Unfortunately, the 3D Avatar feature still cannot be used for Instagram which is opened with a website.

How to Make an Avatar on Instagram Easily

How to make an avatar tutorial using the Instagram social media application? Here are some steps that must be taken to successfully create an avatar of yourself through the IG application, namely:

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu on your Instagram account.
  2. Then go to the “Account” section to find the 3D Avatar feature.
  3. Select “Get Started” to start creating your desired 3D Avatar.
  4. You can choose skin color, hairstyle, hair color, eyeball color, eye shape, and so on.
  5. Don’t forget to add additional accessories for your avatar. For example, glasses, hats, and various other accessories. Also choose the clothes you want your avatar to wear to make it look more attractive.
  6. After the avatar has been created and has the appearance you want or even resembles yourself, then just confirm it by pressing the “Done” button.
  7. Instagram takes time to make the avatar creation process. Later your avatar sticker will appear and can be shared.

How to make an avatar on Instagram above can be directly tried with a cellphone that supports the Instagram 3D Avatar feature. Make sure to make an avatar according to your characteristics, okay! Don’t forget to share the avatar to Instagram Stories and IG Direct Messages!

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