How to Make a Completely Different Domicile Business Certificate

How to Make a Completely Different Domicile Business Certificate – If you want to open a business that is different from your domicile, you must make a SKUD. This document is important for managing various other documents. If you want to make one, you must first know how to make a business certificate of different domicile thoroughly.

Understanding What is SKDU (Certificate of Business Domicile)

Business domicile certificate (SKDU) is a business domicile certificate. Usually this letter serves as an official certificate issued by the local village or sub-district that provides official information on the domicile of a business entity.

What is the function of SKDU?

SKDU is usually needed for the purpose of managing various legal documents such as:

  1. SIUP (Trade Business Permit)
  2. NPWP of business entities.
  3. Certificate of Company Registration.
  4. To take care of other trading business.

Conditions for Making SKDU

Before making a business certificate of different domicile, make sure in advance the requirements or documents needed so that the SKDU making process does not run smoothly. The following are the files or documents needed to make a business certificate of different domicile:

  1. Photocopy of ID card
  2. Copy of KK
  3. Copy of TIN
  4. Cover letter from RT and RW
  5. Proof of ownership of the place of business
  6. If the place of business is not your own (rented) then include proof of the rental agreement
  7. Building permit (IMB)
  8. Forto location or place of business taken from Google Map.
  9. Letter of approval from local people (neighbors)
  10. Fill out the SKDU form

NB: If the business is not an individual, there are additional requirements, namely: Deed of company establishment, photocopy of director’s TPK, director’s family card, and director’s NPWP.

How to Make a Business Certificate of Different Domicile

How to Make a Business Certificate
Completely Different Domicile

In particular, there are five main steps that can be taken so that the SKDU can be created and can be utilized. Each step is of course important and has an effect on the results of the document. Here are the steps that can be done:

1. Take care of the Village Office

The first step that must be done is to take care of making it to the village office according to the correct domicile. If the kelurahan does not provide these services, then they can go to the subdistrict.

However, if this is indeed the case, then the kelurahan will provide direct directions to go to the subdistrict. This initial step is certainly the most basic step that must be taken so that SKUD can be obtained.

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2. Fill in the form

Then, fill in the given form components. Later, the officer will provide an SKDU form that must be filled in all the fields. Filling out this form must be correct and in accordance with the component requirements.

If there is a column that you don’t understand, be sure to ask the officer directly. This is necessary to minimize errors that will occur. Because if an error occurs and is left unchecked, it could be that the letter made has the wrong data.

Therefore, make sure to fill in all the existing components with the correct data. To make it easier, make sure to bring a variety of complete personal data when the manufacturing process is carried out. This will make it easier to fill out the form.

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3. Attach All Required Terms

The third way to make a business certificate of different domicile is to attach all the requirements. If detailed, there are many conditions that must be collected. Starting from personal data, proof of business ownership, business permits, and others.

All required conditions must be attached. If the form is missing, the officer will return it and ask for its completeness. This of course will hamper the process because it will take longer.

4. Wait for the Officer to Check the Files

After all are available, provide the form and attachment requirements to the officer. Later, the officer will check all the files that have been attached. Instead, this inspection process should wait until it is finished.

Because if there is a shortage, the officer can immediately inform and can be completed immediately. So, this inspection process will not take long and will not take days. Therefore, it is better to wait for this process.

5. Wait for SKDU to be created

Finally, wait for the SKDU to be made by the authorities. So if it has been checked and declared complete, then the next step is to wait for this letter to be issued. Usually, each place will take a different amount of time.

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This aspect is certainly influenced by how long the queue of letters must be taken care of either in the village or sub-district. If fast, then this letter can be issued on the same day. But if it’s not fast, it can be published the next day.

There is also a publishing process submitted online. All this depends on the policy of each management office. Therefore, be sure to ask to find out how the mechanism and when publishing takes place.

The list of explanations on how to make a business certificate with a different domicile above, of course, can be immediately understood. So that the manufacturing process can run well, then make sure to follow every step.

SKDU Management Fee

If you ask how much it costs to arrange a business certificate with a different domicile, it can be explained that there is no special provision regarding retribution fees for administering an SKDU or SKDP. In general, taking care of the SKDU letter is free. But usually still refers to local government policies.

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