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How to Lock Telkomsel’s 2022 4G Network

Provider Telkomsel is the largest cellular provider in Indonesia with millions of customers spread across various regions.

Telkomsel’s network is always reliable, especially in areas that are difficult to reach by other providers.

With the 4G LTE network, you can access YouTube, stream movies and social media with stable internet speeds and without buffering.

However, sometimes due to geographic or weather conditions, Telkomsel’s 4G network suddenly changes to 3G mode, making Internet access slower.

The way to overcome the obstacles above is to change the network mode to 4G LTE Only or lock the Telkomsel network to 4G only, so that the internet connection on your gadget becomes more stable.

How to Lock Telkomsel’s 4G Network

The following are some ways that you can do to lock Telkomsel’s 4G network easily.

For those of you who don’t want to be complicated, you can use the application to lock the network, besides that you can also access the menu or press the dial code if you don’t want to install the application.

1. Locking Telkomsel’s 4G Network with Applications

The first way you can do is lock the 4G network using an application.

This way you don’t have to bother typing codes or looking for the network settings menu again.

There are two applications that we recommend, namely: 4G LTE Switcher and Force LTE OnlyFor those of you new smartphone users with Android OS 11 and above, we recommend using the Force LTE Only Application.

Using the Force LTE Only App

  • Please download the Force LTE Only (4G/5G) application.
  • After that open the application and select the method according to your Android type, Method 1 for Android 11 and below and Method 2 for Android 11 and above.
  • Then on Set Preferred Network Type Choose LTE Only.
  • If so, please exit the application and can continue your browsing or streaming activities.

Using the 4G LTE Switcher App

  • Please download the 4G LTE Switcher Application.
  • After that open the application and change it Set Preferred Network Type Becomes LTE Only
  • Then exit the 4G LTE Switcher application.

2. Locking Telkomsel’s 4G Network without an Application

How to Lock a 1024x538 4G Network - How to Lock a Telkomsel 4G Network [year]

The next way you can do to lock the 4G network is the method without an application, you can use the network settings and press the dial code.

Locking Android 4G Network Through Network Settings

  • First, open the Settings menu or Settings first.
  • Then press the Mobile Network menu or Mobile Network.
  • Then select the Preferred Network Type menu.
  • Press the Prefer LTE button to make sure that only the 4G network is locked.

Lock Android 4G Network Via Dial Up

  • Open the call menu or call.
  • Press code *#*#4636#*#*.
  • Then on Set Preferred Network Type Choose LTE Only.

Locking iPhone 4G Network Through Network Settings

  • First, open the Settings menu or Settings first.
  • Press the Cellular Data Options menu.
  • Press the Voice & Data button.
  • Select the LTE option to enable the 4G network on your iPhone.

By using the various methods above, you can lock your network so that it is always on 4G LTE mode so that you get a more stable internet connection, especially when in areas with difficult signals.

However, locking the network to 4 LTE mode has advantages and disadvantages that you must understand, here are the advantages and disadvantages of locking your Telkomsel network to 4G LTE mode.

Advantages of Locking 4G LTE Network

The following are some of the advantages that you will get when you lock your internet network into 4G LTE mode.

  1. Internet connection will feel more stable.
  2. Download files faster.
  3. Playing games does not lag.
  4. Watch youtube videos without buffering.

However, in addition to some of the advantages above, you should also pay attention to the disadvantages of locking the network to 4G LTE as below.

Disadvantages of Locking 4G LTE Network

The following are some of the disadvantages or negative impacts that you will get when locking the network to 4G LTE mode.

  1. Unable to receive and make phone calls.
  2. The battery will run out quickly because it is forced to look for a 4G signal.
  3. Unable to dial code (Invalid MMI code).

Those are some of the shortcomings or impacts that you will get when you force lock the 4G LTE network.

So that your cellphone is back to normal and can receive calls and dial numbers, you just have to return the network mode to automatic network or settings before 4G LTE lock.

Hopefully the information on how to lock the 4G network above is useful, Thank you.


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