How to Install Cloudflare PC Version, Overcome Blocked Web, Apps & Games (Windows, Mac, Linux)

How to Install Cloudflare PC Version (Windows, Mac, Linux), Overcome Blocked Apps & Games

There are many functions of this CloudFlare WARP application, first it can secure your network from eavesdropping, such as visiting websites that do not have SSL security (HTTPS) will become HTTPS, the term of this feature is DNS over HTTPS.

But there is one use that you should know, namely when activating CloudFlare WARP, you can visit websites, applications, games that are blocked by the local government.

Okay, without further ado, let’s go straight to the tutorial.

step by step


CloudFlare WARP supports many OS, including Windows, MacOS and Linux, you can download it here

If you can’t download on that page, here its mirror file:

  1. Install the application as usual, it’s quite easy to just click Next and Next just
  2. Well if it is successfully installed will appear in the taskbar click ‘show hidden icon‘, then click icon WARP CloudflareShow hidden icons - Windows 10 - Cloudflare
  3. Last task click “Connectand done! It’s so easyConnect CloudFlare WARP - Windwos 10


Frequently asked questions

1. I have used Cloudflare WARP but it doesn’t work?

You can try DNS without WARP how:

  1. Make sure your PC is connected to the internet
  2. Open the Cloudflare APP
  3. Then click the icon teeth after that select
  4. Then try to access blocked websites, apps, gamesCloudFlare without WARP - Windows DNS Over HTTPS

2. Have you tried the methods above, but still can’t access it?

You can try using DNS Public from Google, or the DNSCrypt application as in this article:

3. How about HP?

You can use the application:

4. Is it safe?

Honestly, before the crowds of this block, I’ve used it DNS over HTTPS it’s been more than a year installed on HP & PC.

Whether it’s for access reddit, exchange crypto and so on, many accounts or applications installed on my device, until now they are safe.

Video Version Tutorial


I am not sponsored by any party, including from Cloudflare itself. All tutorial articles here are based on personal experience.

In addition, it is hoped that Indonesia will issue policies that win-win solution, whether it’s for the people, the government and the company concerned, I will support it.

So that we users are not disturbed by our productivity.

That’s the tutorial, hopefully it can help, if you have any questions you can write a comment below.

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