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How to Hack Whatsapp Safe and Simple Without Complicated

Do Hinet Lovers have a boyfriend whose moves are suspicious? If it was like this, there was definitely something he was hiding. It is also possible, you will certainly become more ‘crazy’ and try hard to find out what is being covered. Generally, all suspicious things come from a chat, especially on WhatsApp. This application indeed often keeps a myriad of secrets that other people shouldn’t know and is private. However, if you feel you are very, very curious about what he keeps secret, Hinet has a way of tapping a girlfriend’s WhatsApp on her own cellphone. You want to know in more detail how to tap a girlfriend’s WhatsApp? Here, just take a peek below, there is already information about how to tap an Android phone:

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How to hack girlfriend’s WhatsApp

The first step to take is to download the AirDroid Desktop application on your PC via the link After the download is complete, follow the next steps below:

  • Install AirDroid with click Next and proceed by selecting a folder to save this software, then click Finish,
  • When the Install process is complete, Sign In to the software by email or with a Facebook account,
  • You can use AirDrop.

After AirDroid Desktop is ready to be used on a PC, then you have to download the AirDroid application on your girlfriend’s smartphone. Make sure you have prepared a way to be able to borrow your girlfriend’s cellphone without any suspicious effects. If you already hold the cellphone, follow the next method of tapping the girlfriend’s WhatsApp:

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Anti Cheating Girlfriend, Here's How To Tap Boyfriend's WhatsApp Without Knowing - How To Tap Boyfriend's WhatsApp

  • Download app AirDroid: Remote Access & Files made SAND Studio from Google PlayStore,
  • If you have, do Sign In by going through My menu and press Tap to Enter buttonmake sure the account used on android is the same as the account used on the PC,
  • Then select Security options & Remote features,
  • Activate or ON the feature Desktop Notifications,
  • If this feature is active, then all notifications on your girlfriend’s cellphone can appear on your PC screen, including WhatsApp chat notifications.

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