How to Get the Latest Free Jess No Limit Emote

As is known, currently Mobile Legends is holding the 515 M-World event. Where you have the opportunity to get various cool and exclusive prizes for free. After completing the Yellow Diamond, towards the end of the event, players can get various emote prizes, including the Jess No Limit Emote.

Actually, you can get the emote by participating in the 515 M-World voting event. However, for those of you who missed it and want to have the emote, don’t worry. Because there are other ways you can do to get the exclusive emote.

Instead of being curious, just look at the information that has been provided Gamedaim Tips summarize below.

Emote Jess No Limit Gratis

How to Get the Latest Free Jess No Limit Emote 4

For most Mobile Legends players, of course, they already know who Jess No Limit is. Yes, he is one of the most influential figures in the world of Mobile Legends Indonesia.

Jess used to be a former player from the EVOS Legends team and is currently one of the most widely known KOLs in the e-Sports industry, especially Mobile Legends. At the 515 M-World event, Moonton presented a special Jess No Limit emote which can be obtained for free.

Well, you can get the Jess No Limit emote by exchanging M-World Fragments. Where you can get these items by continuing to log in every day.

This event itself will be found above the Skin Collector event. Then there will be a Shop logo on the left and later will be available Special Bonuses and Exclusive Emotes. You can exchange the Jess No Limit Emote for 15 M-Wolrd Fragments.

There are Other KOL Emotes

Emote 515 M World
How to Get the Latest Free Jess No Limit Emote 5

It turns out that besides Jess No Limit, there are other exclusive Emotes that you can get for free. Where the emotes display KOL from other countries.

Here is a list of other KOL emotes that you can exchange for the M-World Frament:

  • Ic3-fr0Gz – Cambodia
  • Soloz – Malaysia
  • WOODSKIY DED – Russia
  • HERLEKING – Latin America
  • Al-Kyuubi-Middle East
  • Jess No Limit – Indonesia
  • ChooxTv – Filipina
  • Sky Wee – Singapore
  • Gosu General – North America
  • Paranoid – Turki
  • yBig-M3Vote – Brazil

Do you know what emote you want to exchange for? Just log in and redeem the prizes before the event ends.

Well, that’s just information about how to get the Jess No Limit Mobile Legends emote for free. Keep visiting Gamedaim to always get the latest information about other Mobile Legends Events.

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