How To Get Plus Using The Latest Awakening Shard FF 2020 Kelly Free Fire

How to Get Awakening Shard FF – Now FF players are ready to play again their favorite game Free Fire. Well, after repairs or maintenance were carried out which had become the talk of players due to not being able to enter or log in to the game, now survivors can return to action in the Free Fire game.

In this discussion, the admin will review the latest feature of the Free Fire game which is currently also being discussed, namely the Awakening Shard. If you see that there have been many discussions on the website or YouTube about this feature. So what exactly is the use of this Awaening Shard, and how do you get it? Read more below, buddy.

What is the function of Awakening Shard FF?

What is the function or use of this awakening shard, before you want to get it, of course you must first know the use of this new feature.

The Awakening Shard has a function, namely as a basic ingredient for FF players who will awaken or to improve the performance of one of the characters, namely Kelly. Well, for now this feature can only be used for Kelly’s character, but who knows one day this feature can be used for other characters too, friend.

With the Awakening Shard, now for friends who have Kelly Free Fire characters can improve performance, such as new abilities that will appear after using this feature. In addition, the appearance of Kelly’s character is getting cooler and different than before.

How buddy, quite interesting isn’t it. Now that we know the function of this Awakening Shard, let’s move on to how to get it. Keep reading the review until it’s finished, friend.

How to Get Awakening Shard Free Fire

To get the Awakening Shard, FF players must first complete the mission that will be given. Then how can we see or start the mission? Now to be able to know what is given, my friend can open the Free Fire game then enter the Kelly character. On the left menu, you will see the Awakening menu. For the missions that you have to complete, which are like:

  1. Must Run 400KM while playing
  2. Defeat as many as 200 players
  3. Get Booyah 20 times
  4. Complete the game 100 times in either squad or duo mode

Of course, for those of you who are pro-active in playing Free Fire, this kind of mission is quite easy. What’s more, at a time like this, most people spend their time at home. So the time to play the Free Fire game is even more.

How to Use Awakening Shard Free Fire

After the players can complete all the missions that have been carried out, then you will get a prize of 125 fragments. Then the gift is a fragment that you can exchange with The Swift item which is a special outfit that will be used by Kelly’s character. This item has advantages that will make Kelly’s character get special moves when entering the Free Fire game.

So when the clothes are used by Kelly, Kelly will display interesting movements when playing Free Fire. Besides that, of course, the most important thing is that the performance of Kelly’s character will increase from before which you can use to dominate the game.

How bro, cool isn’t it! Therefore, immediately play the Free Fire game and complete the mission that has been given. Then you can have fun with the unusual performance of Kelly’s character.

The final word

Alright, that’s all for this discussion regarding how to get and use the Awakening Shard. What are we waiting for the surprise that Garena will give to you Free Fire game lovers.

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