How to Get McDonald’s Kid Cody Goods on the App in July

In July of this year, McDonald’s launched Camp McDonald’s, a month filled with promotions, celebrity crossovers and great candy deals for buyers.

Kid Cody is undoubtedly one of every celebrity who has been involved in the McDonald’s camp, which has seen the discharge of a commodity swing between the rapper and the fast food chain.

Also happening this week will be an event by Kid Cudi, which is in a position to launch a month of music performances by artists on the app.

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How to get Kid Cudi’s McDonald’s merchandise

Kid Cudi’s McDonald’s merchandise launches on the app on Thursday, July 28th. Fans can purchase entry to merchandise by making a minimum purchase of $1 on the McDonald’s app.

The line consists of T-shirts, such as the Space Grimace Tee shirts, along with the Landing Footage Hoodie, long sleeves, socks, a tote bag, and baseball caps.

Judy Kid subscriber Statements with followers on Twitter where he wrote:#ad This week he called me Counselor Cudi cus I’m running the camp Tweet embed And take it to space!!! Commodity drop on 7/28. My performance 7/31. Only in the app. “

Fans are sharing photos and details of the launch on Twitter. many have indicated That each of the merchandise is for pre-order, indicating that most of the merchandise will be shipped on October 21, and the rest will be shipped in November.

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Kid Cody to perform on the McDonald’s app

In addition to his merchandise discharge, Kid Cody ends the Camp McDonald’s experience with an effect that you will only be able to view on the app.

You can watch the event, which takes place on Sunday the 31st of July, do you have to make a minimum purchase of $1 on the McDonald’s app.

Other performances made on the app as part of Camp McDonald’s Blackbear, Apollo and BIBI feature.

Twitter reacts to Kid Cudi’s McDonald’s collaboration

When Kid Cody released the statements of his McDonald’s collaboration and retail, followers ran to Twitter to share their concepts of the outfit.

one fan chirp: “I’m a Cody fan, I got up and went to McDonald’s so I could get some goods.”

else Wrote: “Kid Cody made me download the McDonald’s app.”

“Camp McDonald’s x Kid Cody Merch is a kind of fire”, a certain person Spread.

Other Kid Cody followers were disappointed after they stumbled that the merchandise might only be shipped to people within the United States.

someone chirp: “Anyone from the United States would like to order me some @Judy KiddTweet embed Merch camp They only ship to the US and I live in Canada.”

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