How to Get Latest 3 4G Free Share (Unlimited)

How to get a free share 3 – Free Kouta 3 is one of the things that customers, including you, want, isn’t it? Especially in a #dirumahaja moment like now, where internet quota is more wasted than usual.

Fortunately, it is also known that Tri (3), one of the operators who knows how to offer prices for cheap Internet packages, is not stingy in giving rewards to loyal customers.

Yes, one of the bonuses that you can enjoy is the free level 3 internet that you can use to surf or play on social media. Have you ever been busy streaming a movie when it suddenly stopped due to running out of packets?

Fortunately, there are a few tricks to get a free triple chance that can still be done today, let’s see… read on as below!

What is Tri Card Quota?

Kota Karto Tree It is an internet quota that can be used with 3-card customers forever if the 3-card used is still active. This means that quota 3 is very special because it never ends.

If I have already discussed (6 options and prices for the triple package Always ON (AON)), on this occasion I will discuss the share of AON. If you buy the Tri (3) Always On package, you will definitely get the AON set, ie.

So, now you can tell the difference between an AON package and an AON quota, right? You can get an AON 3 share after purchasing an AON 3 package, and as I said above, there are many AON package options that you can buy. Of course, the more expensive the price, the more likely this will happen.

Besides purchasing the SINGLE ON package, friends can also purchase an AON share by purchasing the AON starter package. With the very affordable Tri AON starter package, you get a 1GB AON unit and free conference calls to other tri AON numbers for 5 minutes per day for 180 days.

How to get the latest free triple share

How to get a free share 3

How do you get bundle 3 for free? For those of you who are Tri Card users or non-Tri users, you may not know that Tri operators often provide free internet quota. So it is unfortunate that this option was never used. For those who really need a free internet connection, Tri-Card is currently one of the best options.

It is very useful to use the method to get a free Tri Bonstri chance, we can get a free Tri Bonstri whenever we want. The free Tri plan is quite large and can be used for anything like streaming, YouTube, WA, FB, IG, website playback, etc. Here’s how to get a free quota:

  • First, install the Bima+ app from the Play Store.
  • Log in or create a Bima + account with your triple number.
  • On the Bima+ homepage, select Bonstri.
  • Enter a change point menu item.
  • Select the Tri-Internet Free Tier you want to use.
  • Then select the 175 point option. In this step, set the free internet quota of your choice because the point value can vary.
  • Continue by selecting an option “Exchange Point”.
  • It was successful, we chose the option “yes”.
  • Now we go to Tab Menu Coupon Then proceed by selecting the Use option on the pre-selected Internet quota option.
  • Click on the Use option again.
  • Then there will be writing “Thank you”then select “yes”.
  • There will be an incoming text message, we did not enter the voucher code as shown in the previous step.
  • What is displayed is information that your plan has been successfully activated for the 3GB Data 1 Day product.

How to get a free share of Tri 10

To prove it, you can open the My Account menu and select the package information. After that, information about the free Internet package that has just been activated will appear. Well, so far we can get 3GB free triple quota with 1 day active period which is very good especially when the internet quota runs out. The number of free triple tiers you get is also quite large, enough to keep your daily internet usage up to a gigabyte.

Triple Share to access the Internet over the Triple Network. In addition to unlimited use (active card), this package can also be used for 24 hours without time limit and can also be used on all triple networks such as 2G, 3G and 4G throughout Indonesia.


How to get a free 3-1 share

Here’s how to get a free quota with 3 unlimited cards:

  • Make sure you are registered and use your Triple Card as your internet provider.
  • After that download a triple app called Bima +. To download it, open the PlayStore app or click on this link.
  • After installing the application, you can directly enter the triple number. Or, if you didn’t register, you can register your triple number directly. Just enter the triple number and type the full name.
  • Then click 3Products List. Then activate the package by selecting the option Active Quota Package.
  • There are two package options to choose from, AlwaysOn + – Unlimited 10 GB or AlwaysOn + Unlimited 6 GB. Choose what fits your needs.
  • Then click on the Purchase section. Then you can pay with various options, such as Tri Credit, Go-Pay, credit card, Alfamart, or Doku Wallet.
  • Finally, wait for the triple confirmation. If successful, Tri will notify you that the payment was successful and that the selected internet package is active. Now all you have to do is enjoy this opportunity.

Yes, the two AlwaysOn packages are priced differently. Here is the price list for the two packages:

Unlimited + AlwaysOn 10 GB: 80.000 rupees
Unlimited + Always 6 GB: IDR 55,000

Remember that prices can change at any time. For each region and region there may be different prices, yes.

How to use 3 free unlimited levels

Basically there is no additional quota for the internet package you choose. You will still get the internet quota according to the current package. Where is the free site and how do I use it?

To enjoy the free module, you can surf the internet from 1 pm to 5 pm. Currently your internet quota will not decrease and you can surf the internet freely. However, only certain apps can be accessed for free.

These apps are Youtube, Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, Ruang Guru, Google Classroom, Zenius and Edmodo. There are many applications that support this internet package, and it is usually suitable for students and all walks of life and society.


Tri Card Quota is an internet quota that can be used with 3-Card customers forever if the used 3-Card is still active. Triple Share to access the Internet over the Triple Network. In addition to unlimited use (active card), this package can also be used for 24 hours without time limit and can also be used on all triple networks such as 2G, 3G and 4G throughout Indonesia. This is our explanation of how to get a free quota 3. We hope it will be useful.

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