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How to Get Free Internet Xl Without the Latest 3G 4G Application 2022– Free Xl internet tricks. As well as the XL free quota code, which we will explain, there are various kinds of tricks and tips, there are those who use the XL free quota dial, we will also get free credit xl .

So how do you get free internet xl through a wide 4G network, if you are interested in high-speed data,

XL can be an option. You can choose between daily, weekly, or monthly internet. Thank you, you can use your desktop computer, you have to go there, including the Internet and others for free. The need for these two services is indeed very high.

So for those of you with high mobility, choose one of the available packages to meet your mobile and Internet needs whenever you meet.

This is a cheaper option than normal telephone and Internet rates. Even though they are cheap, you still want to replace them for free. So, is there any free XL Internet suggestions.

Latest XL Free Internet Tricks

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Lifetime Free XL Internet

  • Open the settings menu, then select Wireless or Wireless, then select network / network.
  • How to free xl internet for free without further costs, click on the wireless network sub-menu, then in the next step click on the access point name or APN
  • Now, the free XL method for life is to click to create a new APN or create a new APN if you use English.

Please complete the following.

  • Number: XL infinite
  • Jenis APN: Internet
  • APN: clean
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 8080

In addition to the above settings, leave it blank or do not fill it. If you have already made the settings, tap Save and click again or again.

For those of you who use an XL card, it’s a good idea to make free internet so you can get free internet opportunities. But there is a requirement, you have to use the MyXL app, which you can download from Playstore. By adding an application in Altre Lingue, you can automatically get 400MB internet quota or 30 minutes of free calls per other XL.

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Here’s How Through the Application

Free Internet Way XL

  1. Download the MyXL app
    Download the MyXL app from Playstore
  2. Open the app and register
    After the app is installed, open the app and register using your XL number
  3. Fill in the verification code
    There will be an incoming SMS notification, fill in the verification code. Fill in your previous verification code into the column provided in the MyXL application.
  4. Sign in to the MyXL app
    Once registered, try logging into the MyXL app
  5. Click on the text
    On the main menu there is the words “MyXL Reward”. Click on the text and take the prize quota
  6. Done
    You will get 400MB of free quota and 30 minutes of free calls to fellow XL.

How To With Code Dial

  • The first way you can try is by using the dial code. By using the free internet quota dial code,
  • You can get quota packages up to 1000 Mb per month for free! Very pretty, isn’t it? You can use this quota to watch YouTube services and others. the method is as follows.
  • Enter the Dial menu, then Dial * 123 #
  • Then there is the display “Activate EXTRA YouTube 1GB/month for 12 months” and includes 7 options. Please Buddy select “Want” or option number 1.
  • select “Continue” or select number 1.
  • Wait for it to finish processing.
  • If it works, you will get an SMS from XL that the XTRA package is active and can be used immediately.

Here Are Some XL Dial Codes

  • *123*2*6*3*0*3*0*3*0*3*0*3*0#
  • *123*2*8*3*0*3*0*3*0*3*0*3*0#
  • *123*1*4*1*4*1*1#
  • *123*1*4*1*4*2*1#
  • *123*1*4*1*4*3*1#
  • *123*4*0*0*3*4*1#
  • *123*4*0*0*5*4*1#

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So, that’s the Free Internet Trick from Xl that we wrote in this article. Good luck, hopefully it will work and be useful, stay loyal to us at, Thank you Maszeehhh


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