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How To Get A Single Dormitory Room In College

Living in a college dorm can sometimes be a problem for you as an individual, especially if you don’t have to live with other people in the same room. You may want to have a college dorm room all to yourself but this is always difficult but not impossible to achieve.

How To Get A Single Dormitory Room In College

Also don’t worry about the dorm experience of not having to live with roommates because you still have a hall and floor to meet and interact with other students in the dorm.

If you’re looking for a way to get a single dorm room, as you prepare to go on to college or return for the semester.

Then you are in the right place, we will show you how to fulfill your request for a single dorm room from your school authority.

Reasons for Requesting a Single Dormitory Room

Requesting single dorm rooms is not standard practice, which is why higher education institutions that offer single rooms only have a few of them. And thus will conduct thorough checks and ask questions to students who will apply for single dorm rooms.

Note that due to the limited number of single dorm rooms, not all reasons put forward by students will be considered favourable.

Therefore students must provide convincing reasons why they should be assigned a single dormitory room. Some compelling reasons to give to increase your chances of getting a single room include:

  • Say you have a dust allergy or other allergy and submit a doctor’s report to support this claim
  • Let’s say you often have trouble Sleepwalking
  • Say you have insomnia
  • Say you bet wetter

How To Get A Single Dormitory Room In College

If you want to get a dorm room for yourself, you need to keep in mind that a single dorm room will cost you more. Some ways to get your own dorm room in college include:

  • Make sure your school offers single rooms
  • Apply for one room early
  • Explain if you have special circumstances
  • Become a resident assistant

Make sure your school offers single rooms

Check your school’s dormitory floor plans and with school authorities if the school has provisions for single rooms. This is the first step into the solo space in college, but it is also the most important. You can’t get one if there isn’t one available.

Check with your college’s housing office, if you’re not sure if you have the option of choosing a single room or not. You can also call or email your university’s housing department and ask them directly.

They should be able to tell you if there is a single room available for incoming students and how long it will be open (and therefore how much time is left).

Ask today’s students, often, seniors want to move out of their rooms because they want more privacy or because they are ready to have their own off-campus apartment.

Asking them where they found their new hostel might give you some insight into what options are currently available through on-campus housing services though keep in mind that some schools may give priority to returning students when allocating rooms at this time of year so don’t expect too much if you are a new student at the school.

Apply for one room early

After verifying that the school of your choice offers single boarding rooms on a limited basis. Then you should try to apply for single dorm rooms early as most schools will allocate them on a first-come, first-served basis.

Given that there are usually multiple single-room dormitories, registering early will increase your chances of getting the one room allocated to you if you meet the criteria for a single room.

And once you’re assigned a room, try to pay for the room quickly to avoid losing it to someone else if you don’t meet the payment deadline. The application process for single dorm rooms varies from school to school. Some universities allocate them based on seniority, while others use a lottery system.

Explain if you have special circumstances

If you have a medical condition that requires you to live in a single dorm room, explain the situation to the board of residence allocations in your application for a single room.

If you’re a senior and need to live alone for other reasons (for example, because of previous hearing or seeing issues that make living with a roommate unsafe), say so.

If you’re transferring to another university and need to transfer immediately, or if you’re an athlete going back and forth between games and training, let them know.

As much as we beg you to state your special circumstances don’t make up a story as to why you want to live alone in a single dorm room. If all else fails: ask what they can do for YOU. Some universities offer single dormitory rooms at no additional cost; they may not advertise it very well in their marketing materials most of the time due to the limited number of single dorm rooms.

Become a resident assistant

You can get a single dorm room for free if you become a Resident Assistant (RA). An RA is a student who lives in a dormitory and is responsible for looking after it, as well as helping students with their problems.

You’ll have your own room and share a bathroom with other RAs, but you won’t have to pay rent or buy food (though most colleges require RAs to work an average of 20 hours per week). This job is highly sought after because it allows students to live on campus while saving, so be prepared to compete with others who want the same.

Before applying for a resident assistant make sure you are ready for the job as you have to look after the welfare of other students.

Choose your campus wisely

To get a single room, you have to choose the college wisely. There are several factors that can affect whether or not you get a single dorm room. If possible, choose a college that offers single rooms.

Many colleges offer both sorority and one-sex dormitories but this is not always the case. For example, if you’re a woman and looking for a single room in college, it might be best to avoid schools like Harvard University which only offer student housing options (for now).


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Is it possible to have my own dorm room?

Yes, it is possible to have your own dorm room in college. This will be possible only if your college has a single dormitory room available.

Are single dorms more expensive?

Single dormitories are more expensive at most schools, but there are exceptions for resident assistants who don’t pay for their single dorm room.

Is one room worth in college?

Yes, a single dorm room is worth it especially if you like having space to yourself. If you live in a single dorm room, you have the opportunity to arrange and decorate your dorm room however you like. You can also use your dorm room however you like if you are staying in a single dorm room.

Can you share a dorm with the opposite sex?

Yes, you can share a dorm room with the opposite sex if your school offers gender-neutral dormitory accommodation.

Can I get a single dormitory due to anxiety?

If you have anxiety verified by a doctor, you will have a better chance of getting a single dorm room. This is because usually students who return positive results on a diagnosis of anxiety, request a single room dormitory, because anxiety is a universal human experience.

Can you live in a college dorm at 17?

Yes, you can live in college dormitories at 17 if you’ve been accepted into college and want to live in college dorms. The school does not discriminate between giving dormitory rooms to students based on their age, provided that the school accepts these students.

Can my girlfriend live in my dorm??

This is possible if your school operates gender neutral dormitories, many schools are starting to offer gender neutral rooms, where people can choose to live with the opposite sex. And in a school like that you can live in a dorm with your boyfriend.

Can a guy and a girl live in the same room together in college?

Yes, girls and boys can live in the same dorm room, but this depends on whether the school in question allows dorm rooms and non-gender-biased accommodation.


Getting one college dorm is wanted by many students no doubt, but the truth is that not everyone will get one dorm room in college. This is because there are usually several single dorm rooms. Therefore your chances of getting a single dorm room will increase from your strategy implemented in the application for a single dorm room.

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