How to Get a Free Phone Number on Safeum

Already know about the Safeum application? It is a chat application that provides full security protection. But apart from that, they also provide free phone numbers to all registered users.

This free number can be used to receive SMS or calls from anyone. But the number does not use the country code of Indonesia, but Latvia and Ukraine. Some people use this number to register on social media platforms to protect their privacy.

So when registering to a site that asks for a phone number, the user can use the phone number provided from the Safeum application to protect privacy from your main phone number.

How to register in Safeum

First of all, please install the Safeum application through the Play Store. And if you have, please follow the procedure below to start registering an account:

  1. Open the app Safeum.

  2. Click button SIGN UP.

  3. Fill in the column log in with the username you want to use. Make sure there are no spaces or symbols.

    Filling in Registration Information on Safeum

  4. And fill in the column password and retype password with the password you want to use on the account.

  5. When done, click the button SUMBIT.

  6. A confirmation page will appear, please click on the button BEGIN TO USE and after that wait for the registration process to complete.

    Confirmation of Registration at Safeum

It only takes about 2 minutes to register for a Safeum account, and after that you can immediately enjoy all the features in it, including getting a free number.

Get a Free Phone Number on Safeum

After successful registration, you can check the phone number provided by Safeum on the menu Settings. And in the options section My SafeNUM is your account phone number.

Get a Free Phone Number on Safeum

The phone number can function like a real number, so it can be used to receive calls or SMS. For use in receiving SMS or calls, the fee is free. But it’s different if you want to call someone, of course the user has to buy credit so you can do it. Unless you want to make calls to fellow Safeum users, then it can be free.

Safeum Listing Solution Fails Continues

If you have a problem where you can’t register a Safeum account because a notification appears Please Try Again continuously, it can be ascertained that it is a server error.

The solution to this problem is to press the button again Begin To Use for three or four times. And if more than that still doesn’t work, I suggest going back and changing the username to something else. After that please try again.

Most likely this problem is caused because the server is experiencing overload or there is an antifraud system that causes other users who register to also be affected.

From my own experience, it is necessary at least 3 kali pressing the register button until it actually works.

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Safeum provides a free phone number to every user who registers. This service has been operating for quite a long time and is still active today. as for the paid features provided in the application that you might be interested in trying.

One thing that is lacking from Safeum in my opinion is user interface rendered less subtle. They also provide a fairly simple registration method, which in my opinion is very vulnerable to abuse.

The rest, Safeum can operate properly without any problems. Every SMS or incoming call can also be received in realtime. Some time ago I used the number to register on a website, and was able to receive the verification code quickly.

As long as the service is free, it never hurts to try. But as a suggestion, don’t use the phone number to register an important account, considering the number is like being borrowed, so we don’t know exactly how long the phone number can be used.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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