How to get a C-prospecting license correctly

How to get a C-prospecting license correctly Currently, mining work is increasingly being carried out by various parties. One of the genres that has begun to be noticed is mineral exploration or sand mining. If you want to do this, you must first obtain a mining business license for C prospecting. Before we go ahead, let’s try to figure out what carbon mining business is.

What is Quarry C?

Mining prospecting is a mining business that includes or includes exploration, processing, or refining, exploitation, transportation, and sales.

Mining work permit c

Obtaining a mining work permit c

To set up or obtain a mining business license for prospecting C, of ​​course, a series of appropriate methods or methods are required. There are at least five basic steps in managing it. Curious how do you take care of him? Check out the sequence of steps below:

1. Regency/city level management

The first step to take is to take care of it at the neighborhood or city level. If you want to take it to the district office, make sure you get a letter of recommendation from the sub-district where the excavation will be carried out.

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In addition, be sure to bring a letter of consent from the residents regarding the opening of the mine. This permit from the environmental party may be attached along with the authorization from the relevant party. All these ingredients should also be complete and there should be nothing left.

If any of the above components cannot be met, the district will also not be able to provide a letter of recommendation. Therefore, make sure that all components are completed without losing a single component so that all processes can run well.

2. Send files to the nearest DPMPTSP

If all file components described above are complete, including region recommendations, take them to DPMPTSP. In particular, the investment office will check the attached file.

If there are missing files later, DPMPTSP will later provide directions to complete them. The data in the file will also be thoroughly checked so that no fraud will escape.

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3. Wait for the file to be verified by the nearest ESDM service

The next way to get a mining business license for prospecting C is to take it to the nearest ESDM office. In particular, the DPMPTSP will submit a complete file to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in accordance with applicable rules.

Later, ESDM will check which site will be used in opening the business. Administrative verification will also be carried out. If allowed, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources will issue a permit decree to open a company.

4. Complete the required report

If the mining permit decree is delivered, the next step is to complete the required report. The types of reports themselves are numerous and detailed. Starting with exploration reports, work plans, budgets, reclamation and feasibility studies.

All these reports should be collected correctly without missing any components. Thereafter, also submit all such reports to the Investment Office who will conduct overall coordination with the ESDM Office.

5. Pay Back Guarantee

Finally, be sure to pay the refund guarantee fee. So before the permit is granted, this payment process must be carried out to completion. If so, the permit can be obtained immediately and the business up and running immediately.

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If the commercial land used is less than 2 hectares, the cost to be paid is about Rs 5 million. If the land is wider, the cost to be paid will be more expensive. As for the payment itself, it is like depositing in a bank.

These are some of the sequences of steps for the prospecting for a mining business license that needs to be done. For the management process to be fast and complete, make sure you follow all the components of the above steps correctly without missing anything.

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