How to Get $100 Balance from DigitalOcean

Many already know about DigitalOcean, it is a popular cloud computing service and until now it has very many customers around the world. The quality of its good service makes many people interested in using it.

What’s more, DigitalOcean provides a free balance of $100 or equivalent to Rp1.400.000. And the balance can be used to try the service for as long as 2 months. Isn’t that very interesting? Because two months is enough time to try its services from various aspects.

To claim the free balance, you only need to set up either a credit card or a $5 balance on PayPal. This is applied to avoid actions abuse. And actually there is also a Google Pay payment method, it’s just that it’s not available for all countries yet.

Claiming $100 Balance on DigitalOcean for New Users

In this article, I want to explain easy steps to claim free balance from DigitalOcean. And this balance instantly instant sent, so no additional verification is required.

1. Register a DigitalOcean Account

The first step is to register an account first. What is prepared is only an email address. So please Click here to start registering and enter your email and password in the fields provided there, then click the button Sign Up.

Registering a Digitalocean Account

2. Confirm Registration Email Address

Just like registering on any website, you definitely need to verify your account via email by way of click the link or a link sent by DigitalOcean. Here’s an example link:

Registration Email Confirmation Message

After clicking the link, the next step is to fill in the payment information.

3. Filling in Payment Information

There are two payment options that you can choose from. Among others Credit card or PayPal. While I use PayPal, which only needs to prepare a balance of $ 5 only to get started.

Filling Payment Information
Filling Payment Information 2

If you choose a credit card, you will be asked to write down valid information about the credit card. And if you choose PayPal, you will be redirected to the PayPal page where you can forward your $5 payment.

Paying DigitalOcean with PayPal

4. Free $100 Balance Successfully Claimed

After the payment is complete, you will get a message from DigitalOcean via email, where $100 balance has been sent successfully to account. Here’s a sample email:

Get $100 Balance from Digitalocean

And when checked on the account page, it says at the bottom of the project, the balance is $100 plus the remaining days the balance ends next to it.

Total Balance $100 from DigitalOcean

What about the $5 Balance on the Account?

For users who use the PayPal payment method, surely they are still thinking about the $5 balance that was just uploaded.deposit. Because it doesn’t appear under the project name, and that’s basically normal.

So what is used first is a free balance from DigitalOcean first. And if it’s used up, then use the $5 balance, fair enough, right?

And you can check the $5 balance on the menu Billing, to be precise in the Remaining Account Credits. Here’s an overview:

$5 balance in Billing DigitalOcean

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There are so many cloud computing services that provide trial access in the form of free balances, one of which is DigitalOcean. That way users can try first for some time related to the service, both from the side uptime serverease of use, etc.

The $100 balance can be used todeploy some droplets, and the smallest droplet is priced at $5 per month. I think it’s cheap enough for a service like DigitalOcean.

Oh yes one more thing, that users who use PayPal payment information no additional credit card required on his account. Free credit card alias, and only a balance that needs to be prepared.

If there are other things you want to ask about registration or free balance from DigitalOcean, please write them down in the comments column.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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