How to fix an Android phone that is stuck and slow to run smoothly again

Edukasinewss – Smartphones that often get stuck or lag when used are very annoying. Especially if it is needed at an important time. Therefore, you must know how to fix a stuck Android phone so that it can be used normally again.

Clear Cache on Android Phone

Cache is a junk file that can’t go away on its own. Smartphones that are rarely cleaned cause cache to fill up storage space, making it prone to lag and slowing down smartphone performance.

The first way to fix a stuck Android phone here can be by clearing all cache files in each application. You can use the help of a third-party application in the form of a cleaner so that the cleaning process is faster. Once all caches are cleared, feel the difference.

Clean Unused App Data

The second way to fix a stuck Android phone is by clearing all unused application data. Although rarely used, usually application data will continue to grow.

Immediately clean all log data and all settings in unused applications. This will make storage more spacious, so that the cellphone returns to normal condition. Make sure the deleted data is an application that is not or rarely used.

Uninstall Unused Apps

How to fix a stuck Android phone number 3 is to delete or uninstall unused applications. You need to know that unused and abandoned applications actually make the internal storage fuller.

Uninstall all unused applications to make more storage space free. Go to the phone settings, then select the application menu. Look for unused apps and then delete them all.

Android Operating System Update

Have you ever thought before that an Android system that is too old also causes your phone to lag or crash? This is true, even though this aspect is rarely noticed by its users.

For the solution, update the Android operating system in the settings section. Scroll to the very bottom of the menu and find the section about phones. Update the system using wifi or cellular data as the connection source.

Stop Running Apps

A quick step to fix an Android phone that is experiencing lag is to stop the application from running. This aspect is often not realized by its users due to various factors, even though it is very influential on smartphone performance.

If you experience the same problem, immediately stop all running applications. Press the multi tab button to display the running apps, then clear all those apps.

Factory Reset / Reset / Factory Reset

How to fix the last stuck Android phone is to reset it to factory defaults. Before doing that, move all the data that is in your internal storage. That’s because all applications and data in the internal storage are completely deleted.

Move to your laptop or Drive Online all your important data. Next, go to smartphone settings. Select menu about phone, then factory reset. Follow all the instructions in it so that everything runs smoothly.

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