How to Easily Remove Google TV from Your Phone

How to Remove Google TV – As a smartphone user, you certainly already know that Google releases a lot of products in the form of applications to meet the needs of its users. One of the applications made by Google that is quite attractive to users is the Google TV application.

As the name suggests, in this Google TV application you can enjoy various kinds of interesting shows only from your cellphone. But unfortunately not everyone likes to watch using this Google TV application.

In fact, most of the people want to remove Google TV from their mobile because it takes up a lot of storage, but they don’t know how. Because, most of the Google TV applications are default applications that already exist on mobile phones and are difficult to remove.

Therefore, on this occasion, we will share interesting information for those of you who want to know how to remove Google TV from your cellphone, the review of which you can read in the article this edition.

What Are the Reasons People Want to Remove Google TV?

You need to know, Google TV is an official application from Google that can be used to watch movies and TV shows. In this application you can easily stream on various digital platforms, search for movies and tv shows will also be easier through this Google TV application.

Unfortunately, this Google TV service by most users is considered not very important in its function, so not a few people want to delete the Google TV application from their cellphones.

They prefer to watch videos or movies through other platforms such as YouTube or other online streaming applications that are widely circulated today. In addition, many users complain that the Google TV application takes up too much storage and can cause slower mobile performance.

Can the Google TV App be Removed from the Phone?

Many users are curious and wonder if can Google TV be removed and how to remove Google TV on mobile? You need to know, if the Google TV application is not a system application or a phone default application, then the Google TV application can be removed from the phone.

However, you will not be able to delete the Google TV application if this one application is included as a system application or a default application. Unless you root your cellphone, it will risk the security of your cellphone.

Because, a cellphone that has been rooted will be more susceptible to viruses, and the warranty status will be lost, and it can also have an impact on the battery life of your cellphone.

How to Remove Google TV from Mobile that You Must Know

You need to know, there are several ways you can choose if you want to remove the Google TV app from your cellphone, even though it’s a system app. Here are three ways that you can do to be able to remove the Google TV app from your cellphone:

  1. Uninstall the application from the cellphone

If the Google TV application is not a system application and is only automatically downloaded from the Google play store, then you can uninstall the application immediately. You can go to settings and select app management, then click on the Google TV app. After that, the uninstall or uninstall button and press the Ok button to delete the Google TV application.

  1. Force Quit Google TV App

If the Google TV application is included in the system application, then you can stop this application from working by going to settings, selecting application management, clicking on the Google TV application, then pressing the force stop button, and clicking ok to confirm.

  1. Root the cellphone, then uninstall the application

The last way to remove Google TV is by rooting the cellphone you are using. You can root with the help of a technician or you can also root yourself using the KingRoot application. If you have successfully rooted your cellphone, after successfully rooting, then you can uninstall the Google TV application as usual.

Finally, that’s the information we can share with you about how to remove Google TV from your cellphone, hopefully it’s useful and always updates the latest articles about applications from our site.

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