How to Easily Calculate Water Discharge Using the Water Discharge Formula

The formula for calculating water discharge- When you see a rushing river during the rainy season what do you think about?

Approximately what speed? How much water is carried by the current? Indeed, liquid matter is considered something very important on earth.

However, here we do not discuss the liquid, but we will share an easy way to calculate the liquid from the side of the liquid discharge.

What is Debit? and How to calculate Water Discharge?

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In hydrology, of course we hear the word discharge. The word discharge itself refers to the amount of water flowing at a certain time.

For example, when you hold a faucet, you can get 3L of water in 3 minutes. This means that the water discharge from the faucet is 1 L in 1 minute.

From the parable above, it can be concluded that the water discharge is the volume of liquid flowing in a unit of time.

The volume itself is usually expressed in liters or m .3 and for the time can be in hours, minutes, even seconds.

Here will be presented volume unit conversion:

1 l = 1000 dm3 = 0,0001 m3

1 cc = 1 ml = 1 cm

The formula for the water discharge itself is quite easy, namely:

water discharge formula

D = debit air (m3/s)
Information :

V = volume air (m3)

T = flow time(s)

Note: the unit is flexible according to the provisions in the question

From the formula above we can find the formula for the volume of water and the time of its flow.

Water volume = water discharge x flow time
water discharge formula

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Example questions:

  1. It is known that a river has a water flow of 20 m .3/s. What volume of water passes through the river in 5 minutes?

Answer :

Known: d = 20 m3/s

t = 5 minutes = 5 x 60 seconds = 300 seconds

Water volume = water discharge x flow time

= 20 m3/s x 300 s

= 60.000 m3

So, the volume of river water that passes through the river for 5 minutes is 60,000 m3.

  1. A goldfish aquarium has a capacity of 40,000 L and will be replaced with clean water that has a discharge of 50 L/s. How many hours will it take for the aquarium to be full of clean water?

Answer :

Given: v = 40,000 L

d = 50 L/ s

To calculate the flow time required the formula:

water discharge formula
how to calculate water debit

= 200 S

In this question asked in a matter of hours, until 200 s/60 = 3.3 hours

So the time it takes for the aquarium to be full again is 3.3 jam.

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how easy it is not how to calculate water discharge using the formula above. In fact, the example above can serve as a reference for

Those of you who want to know how to easily find water discharge from a river or pool of water only need the easy way above.

hopefully with the explanation of the mathematical formula above can give you a reference and enlightenment,

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