How to Easily Attract New Dapodik 2023 Students

How to Attract New Students from Dapodik 2023 – The admission period for new students has occurred, admitted students must be entered immediately in the school’s Dapodik data.

As we know, the Ministry of Education and Culture recently released the latest version of the Dapodik 2023 application.

This version change makes it difficult for some school administrators to pull the data of new students to Dapodik 2023. Are you also having trouble pulling the data of new students to Dapodik 2023 in your school?

How to Attract New Dabodik Students 2023

If yes, then you can listen to this discussion on how to attract new students to Dapodik 2023. Listen carefully so you can pull up new student data on the latest Dapodik 2023 platform.

How to Attract New Dabodik Students 2023

The data of new students must be withdrawn by each school operator. If the student entered dapodik data in the previous education level, you must pull the data.

You cannot enter the data manually, as it will result in duplicate student data. Data can only be entered manually if the student is not registered with Dapodik. (Read also: Dapodik 2023 application)

For example, students who are not in kindergarten or early childhood education can be entered manually, because they are not registered with Dapodik. In fact, it is very easy to withdraw fresh students into Dapodik 2023, read on for the full tutorial.

Tutorial withdrawal of new students Dapodik 2023

Data for new students in Dapodik 2023 can be withdrawn using SP DATADIK 2022. You should be careful when withdrawing new student data for Dapodik 2023. Make no mistake in attracting other students.

Here is a tutorial for Dapodik 2023 new student data pull:

  1. Open a browser, then enter Dapodik SSO School Management (
  2. Then enter the username and password from your Dapodik account.
  3. Click the Application menu, click New PD, then select Dapodik List.
  4. Enter the county, county/city, school name, and year of graduation of the student to be withdrawn.
  5. Click the View button, then you can check the new students entering your school.
  6. Double-check that the list of students you are checking is consistent with the new student data to be pulled.
  7. Click the register button, so that the new students will be successfully attracted to Dapodik 2023.

Isn’t it very easy to collect data for Dapodik 2023 fresh students? That’s all that can be conveyed in a practical way about Dapodik 2023 tutorial. We hope this tutorial on Dapodik 2023 Student Data Pulling was useful to you!

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