How to Download the Digital KTP Application and How to Use It

What we know so far, KTP/e-KTP is a resident identity card in the form of a small box measuring 8.59 x 5.39 cm made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) or Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG). It can be put in a purse, held, and is physical.

For years with this type of ID card, the government suddenly announced that in the future a digital e-KTP will be implemented, which can be accessed simply by opening an application. To carry out this program, residents must have a gadget and download the digital ID card application on the PlayStore or AppStore.

Overview of the Digital KTP Application

For those who are still confused about the digital ID card application, it is an application that has a unique operating system that we can later use as a substitute for a physical e-KTP.

Its function is the same as a physical e-KTP, as an identity item, and a digital KTP offers easier access if an ID card is needed to register something.

This ID card will be attached to the cellphone. We will go through the registration process first, before we can get a digital e-KTP that includes our identity and QR code. This is the difference between a physical ID card and a digital ID card, a digital e-KTP has a QR code, if you need something, for example, you want to register, just scan it. So no need to bother with photocopying or uploading images.

How to Download the Digital KTP Application

Currently, the digital ID card application cannot be enjoyed by everyone, only people from certain districts, because the government has just launched it in 50 districts in Indonesia. In the future it will be rolled out to many cities, and if this application already exists in your city, here’s how to download and register it:

  1. The name of the digital ID card application authorized by the government is ‘Digital Identity’ (I got this information from Tribune, CNN, CNBC and other trusted news portals)
  2. Download the Digital Identity application (PPID Ministry of Home Affairs) on the PlayStore or AppStore. If it’s not there, it means this app hasn’t been released in your area yet
  3. After you download, the PlayStore will automatically install the application

In order to avoid mass data collection by irresponsible persons, please be careful when downloading the application, make sure to download the official application, because in the PlayStore there are many similar to this application.

How to Register for a Digital KTP Application

  1. Open the digital ID card or Digital Identity (PPID Kemendagri) application
  2. Enter your NIK, email address and cellphone number
  3. Perform face verification
  4. Then verify your email by opening the inbox on the email, continue to search for messages from the Digital Identity application, then click ‘Verify’
  5. Return to the application, please login and you will find your digital ID card in the main menu

In addition to getting a digital ID card, we can also see Family Cards (KK), NPWP, vehicle ownership, National Civil Service Agency (BKN) data, and Covid-19 vaccination cards.

How to Use a Digital KTP for Daily Activities

Actually a digital ID card is in the form of an application, which is attached to our cellphones, so there is no need to carry a physical ID card everywhere, especially if there is a specific purpose.

The way it works may be the same as a bank application or a financial application. In the past we had to carry an ATM card everywhere, now we just need to use the application, then show the QR code, and users can buy something without the hassle of swiping the card.

That’s more or less how this digital ID card application works. So if you ask how to use it, then you should have imagined it through the example above:

  1. Register a digital ID card first to get a QR code
  2. After getting the QR code, you can perform various types of administrative purposes that require your ID card identity
  3. Just show the QR code, they have scanned your identity

It’s that simple. Hope you can understand it. For those who ask whether the digital ID card application must be used by all Indonesian people? Actually this is not mandatory, but it would be better for everyone who has a smartphone to use this digital ID card application.

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