How to Delete Videos in Video Snack (Public and Private)

Deleting videos that have been uploaded in the snack video application is actually easy to do. However, new users will certainly find it difficult, because the option to delete videos is hidden.

There are two types of video status in the snack video application, namely public videos that can be watched by everyone. and videos are private (personal) that cannot be watched by others, only the account owner can watch.

Well, in this post, cellphones will only share an easy way to delete videos in the video snack application, both private and public videos.

How to delete videos on snack videos easily

Please follow the steps below, valid for public and private videos.

Is there another way to delete videos? As far as I know there is no, only the easiest way at this time.

That’s all I can say, I hope this article is useful for those of you who are still confused about deleting videos from this video snack application.

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