How to Delete an Instagram Account Temporarily and Permanently

Uploading every activity carried out either in the form of photos or videos to Instagram has become a daily activity for the whole world. With its great appearance and powerful features, Instagram has become one of the most popular and best social media. Currently Instagram has more than one billion active users with almost more than 100 million photos and videos uploaded every day.

However, there are times when you are already overwhelmed with using Instagram and want to stop accessing it for various reasons. You may want to focus on your career, be alone or detox from social media for a while.

Instagram has many ways to temporarily or permanently delete an account to help you out. Here’s the discussion.

How to Delete a Temporary Instagram Account

When an Instagram account is temporarily deleted, other users will not be able to see the profile, photos, videos or comments that you have sent. The way to delete a temporary Instagram account is as follows.

  • Open the instagram app on the phone
  • Go to the profile menu and select the profile picture in the upper right corner.
  • Choose Edit profile
  • Then select Temporarily Deactivate My Account
  • Then choose the reason from the question Why did you deactivate the account?
  • And then type the password for verification.
  • And click Temporarily Deactivate My Account

When you have temporarily deleted your Instagram account, you can reactivate it whenever you want by logging in again to your Instagram account. But Instagram has a stipulation that it can only do the temporary account deletion process for once a week.

All data whether it’s photos, videos, comments, followers that exist when the account is temporarily deleted will not disappear, because Instagram still stores your account data.

How to Permanently Delete Instagram Account

For users who want to permanently delete their Instagram account, here are the steps.

  • Open the Instagram application on your phone.
  • Then go to profile and select icon Arrangement.
  • Choose Help > Help Center.
  • Then if you want to delete a permanent account, select Manage Your Account > Delete Your Account.
  • After that select “How do I delete my Instagram account?”
  • And select the link Delete your Account page.
  • Determine the exact reason for deleting the account and then enter the Instagram password again.
  • And click Delete my account permanently.

When you have permanently deleted your account, all data and history on your Instagram account will be permanently deleted. Which means all photos, videos, followers, messages, comments will be deleted permanently and cannot be recovered.

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