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How to Create and Use Animoji on the Newest Iphone 2022

How to Make Animoji on Iphone – Have you ever seen those great little caricatures of your friends popping up all over your group conversations? These are known as Memoji.

These are fun little ways to express yourself deeper than words. Animoji are basically customizable, and can take the form of animated footage or simple stickers.

To create Animoji, you need compatible hardware. On the iPhone, it’s basically anything after the iPhone X (so iPhone X, XR, XS (and Max) and 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max), while only the latest 2018 iPad Pros offer this functionality – both 12.9 and 11 inch version.

This is because it relies on Face ID sensors and the technology found in these devices to be able to track facial expressions and behavior. If you have Face ID, you’re good to go.

After that? The process is not only simple, but also very fun – it allows you to capture your own unique style to share with your friends. This is how to set up Memoji on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Make Animoji on Iphone

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Here are the steps to set up and use Animoji which can only be done on iPhone X series and above. Read on for more details below.

1. Open Message

Open your Messages app, and navigate to a thread or start a new one. In the app toolbar below where you type your message (just above the keyboard), you’ll find lots of icons. To get started, tap on the Animoji button – which reads the little monkey face.

2. Add Memoji

You’ll be faced with a stream of animal faces, but try not to be distracted (to their delight).

You’ll see them mimic your face – smile! Swipe left on the animal’s face, and you’ll see an option for a new Memoji – with a big “Plus” button. Hit that to add a fresh face, and the fun begins.

3. Making Animoji

From here, you will be presented with many options. You can change your skin tone, freckles and beauty freckles on page one, and then there are options for hair, head shape, facial hair and more.

Just tap on your option, and watch your Memoji come to life right before your eyes – even matching your expressions.

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4. Sesuaikan Animoji

Don’t forget to get into the details of your Memoji – the tool for crafting is much deeper than you think. For example, I wear a black piercing – but the closest thing here is a silver one.

Fortunately, you can tap on any color to adjust its brightness, even turning it black.

5. Share Animoji

Hit “Done” in the top right corner, and hey presto – you’ve got a Memoji! Now you can record animations using your face by simply pressing the red record button in the bottom right corner. Once done, you can send it to your friends, or delete it and try again.

6. Create Animoji Stickers

That’s not what you can do now. If you head over to the regular Emoji keyboard, you’ll find a Memoji sticker on the left.

It’s not animated, but it does offer some quirky expressions – check out how cute “mind exploding” looks. If you press the “?” button, you will find more to send.

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End of Words

Lastly, there’s one more fun trick you can do with your Memoji. If you’re making a FaceTime call via video, hit “effects” and select your Memoji to put on a digital mask you like.

It will track your movements and expressions too, and while it’s a little annoying at first due to its large size, it’s also great for fun. Hopefully useful and Thank you Maszeehhh.


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