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How to Create a Role on the Discord Server and Manage It

Discord is arguably different from the application chatting other. The reason is because this application is more specifically for those of you who want to create a certain community, one of which is like a game.

Features available in the app chatting This is also quite unique. For example, there are features rolewhich allows you to assign roles to group members or commonly called server.

For those who have server on Discord, there are role it is very important to make server it can work as desired.

Well, for those who don’t know what it is role
on Discord and how to use it, here I will discuss.

Getting to Know Roles on Discord

Feature role
on Discord it’s like on union game. Role is a role that can be obtained by each member of a server. Role on Discord itself can be added or removed by admin server.

Role on Discord, pulling them out can be made flexibly. You can set each role
as desired, including the features that will be obtained role the.

As it is called, role on Discord can help admins to make server
can work properly.

As is rolewill also make server on Discord can be managed more easily.

How to Create a Discord Role

To make or give role on Discord at a
serverwe must have admin access rights or have been given rights that allow this to be done.

Well, for how you can follow the steps below:

1. First, please open Discord first.

2. Next open
Servers owned and press icon More choices.

3. Then several options will appear, please select Server Settings.

4. If you have, select the tab Role and click the button Create Role.

Create Roles Option

5. Press icon
Add to add role new.

6. After that, please tap New roles and change the name in the column Role name.

Change Role Name on Discord

7. Swipe down and activate switch in column Show Members Roles Separately From Online Members to show role.

Setting Roles on Discord

8. If everything is done, please tap the tab Permission.

9. Continue to activate Device
View Channel and Manage Channels so role it can view and manage channel from server Your Discords.

Set Discord Role Permissions

10. Press Save changes to save settings role already made.

11. Done.

Role above I made to make members can manage channel, manage channelset emoji and the like. You can adjust the above settings yourself as needed.

If you want to make role Otherwise, just repeat the steps.

How to Add Roles to Members

Set Role to Discord Member

After successfully making role on Discord, then you can give it to the members inside server.

How to give it is very easy. First you have to open
server already made. Then right click the member you want to give role.

If you have, several options will appear, you can select the tab Role. Finally, select Role that you want to give according to your wishes.

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How to Delete Discord Roles

Besides being able to make
role on Discord you can also delete it. Usually this feature is used if you feel you have too much role in server.

Well, how to delete role on Discord it’s very easy. Here are the steps:

1. First you have to open the menu Server Settings first.

2. Then tap tab Role.

3. Then right click Role
that you want to delete. For example here I want to delete role Staff.

Deleting a Role on Discord

4. If you have, select the option Delete.

5. Finally, press the button Okay to confirm the removal of the Role.

Confirm Discord Role Deletion

6. Done.

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The final word

There are features role
this can make it easier for you to manage server which is owned. Because you can make some role at the same time which can be given to every member in the server.

Oh yeah, a little note, in case you’re confused role anything to make, you can try visiting server Discord others, as well as server Discord that already has many members.

There is usually information role
in a channel which you can use as a reference for role server Yourself.

May be useful.


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