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How to Create a New Moonton Mobile Legend Account (Practical)

With the passage of time and technology, there are so many games scattered in cyberspace. Of the many choices of games available, one of them is the online game Mobile Legend. To be able to play the game, one of the conditions is to create an account for the game.

In addition, you are also required to create an account with the game service company, Moonton. Well, in this review we will try to discuss how to create a Moonton account.

Overview of Mobile Legend Game

Before we review the steps or how to create a Moonton account, to be more comfortable in playing it, of course a little information about Mobile Legend itself can provide a deep insight.

Mobile Legend is a game that is played with many players. It is usually played by at most 10 players, where it is further divided into 2 teams for one round of play. Each player will control a character who is given the title “hero”.

Here, players who play in certain rounds can only use one hero character.

1. The reason Mobile Legend is so popular

There are several reasons why this game has attracted so much attention from gamers, including:

  • The first is that this game is so easy to play because it has so many tutorials from just shooting or hitting to attacking opponents with certain skills according to the typical character being played.
  • The existence of a virtual pad that makes control easier is another plus for this game
  • Nice graphics. This advantage is quite appropriate for a product with visual support such as the Mobile Legend game.

2. The Beginning of Mobile Legend Game


The success of Mobile Legend has become Moonton’s success as a developer company for the game. For Indonesia itself, the game made by Moonton is a MOBA genre with the first mobile version whose presence immediately shook the republic.


Moonton itself was originally a small company originating from Shanghai, China, precisely around the Minhang district. The founding duo are Watson Xu Zhenhua and Justin Yuan who later became CEO until now.

Magic Rush: Heroes is the first title game launched by Moonton in April 2015. Over time, Moonton has developed the game into an online game based on multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), namely Mobile Legend.

In beta form, Mobile Legend was released in Brazil in July 2016 followed by a global release in November. At first glance, there are some interesting things when Moonton, the company that develops this Mobile Legend game, is reviewed.

First, the current success that Moonton has achieved (when calculated since the start-up of the company which is still called YoungJouy in 2014 until now) turns out to only take about 7-8 years to achieve.

At first, only about 20 staff or company workers worked together to make a game with the Tower Defense concept, namely Magic Rush. However, who could have guessed that a year later they were able to launch a follow-up game.

The game eventually managed to reach more than 100 million downloads. In terms of the people who download it, there are also various, both men and women, children, teenagers to adults even though they are busy downloading this game.

Mobile Legend may be an icon of Moonton’s success, but this game has also brought Moonton several times to deal with unplayable problems related to Intellectual Property Rights or commonly known as Copyrights.


Other development companies such as Riot Games and also Tencent (the company has now acquired Riot Games) compactly in July 2017 officially filed a lawsuit against Moonton on the basis of a complaint of Acts of Intellectual Property Theft.

The two companies agree that Moonton has committed plagiarism by imitating their game product, League of Legends. Unmitigated, Moonton is accused of imitating many aspects of the game, ranging from the form of the game, characters, maps, to the logo.

Personally, Tencent even complained about Watson Xu Zhenhua (one of Moonton’s CEOs) for playing a major role in the plagiarism act. As a result, although Moonton often denies it by so often clarifying, defeat must still be accepted.

Although Moonton confirmed that the game made by them was copyrighted and even protected in several countries, the court still processed the plaintiff’s lawsuit and won Riot Games and Trencent.

As a result, funds of around 41-42 billion rupiah had to be disbursed by Moonton in order to pay the fine resulting from the lawsuit’s verdict.

How to Create a Moonton Mobile Legend Account via Web/HP

After knowing at a glance about the sundries Moonton which incidentally is a developer company of the online game Mobile Legend, of course you are also interested in playing the game.

In essence, a crucial requirement in playing an online game is that every gamer must have an account first. Creating this account requires several steps or stages in the registration process.

There are two ways to be able to register on a Moonton account, namely directly through Moonton’s official website and it can also be through the Mobil Legend application account. Even for those of you who are laymen, the steps or stages of registration are guaranteed to be understandable because they are so simple.

Here are the steps or how to create a Moonton account:

1. Download and Open Mobile Legend Game


The first step to register a Moonton account through the Mobile Legend game is to open the game. Therefore, this game must of course be downloaded first followed by installing it by accessing Google Play.

After the game is installed, then just open the game application by logging in through the Mobile Legend account that you already have. After successfully logging in, then continue with the next step.

2. Selecting Account Settings


At this step, you are asked to enter the profile menu in the upper left corner. After that, several options will appear to connect the account with various other accounts such as on Google Play and Facebook.

In the English option, this linking option is written with the term “Unbind”. The point here is the option to link your Moonton account with your other accounts on Google or others.

Next, you just have to link and select Moonton Account in the pop-up that appears. Based on the sub-menu in the previous section, there are several options to choose from. You can choose a Moonton account because the target is to register an account at Moonton.

3. Create a Moonton Account


Next, you will see a sub-menu (pop-up) which is similar to a form about personal data that must be filled in. After each requirement is filled in including the email address, as well as the password, continue by checking the small box.

This can be interpreted as an agreement regarding the terms of Moonton service. After that, press the send button. Before that, make sure that the personal data you enter is truly your own, especially for email.

4. Check Email and Activate Account


Immediately after pressing the send button, you can check your email to verify the email from the Moonton admin. If there is no verification email in your inbox, it’s a good idea to look at the spam (junk) folder in your email menu.

Often the verification email sent by Moonton goes into the Spam menu. To check it, you can briefly exit the game application, or if you have another device (such as a PC or laptop), you can check it while still logged in to the game application.

After getting an email from Moonton, read it carefully even though the email only intends to verify. You are required to press the activation contained in the email.

However, if you have tried it several times but are still having problems, you can click the link which is usually found under the activation button.

After pressing the activation button or pressing the link below, a report will appear immediately stating that your email has been confirmed. After that, please re-enter the Mobile Legend game application.

5. Linking Moonton Account


When the Moonton account has been created, you can then associate it with the Mobile Legend game. The method is the same as before, namely selecting the profile menu, then proceed to Account Settings.

Then select the “Link Account” option, then select “Please associate your Moonton account”. Next, a pop-up sub menu will appear that requires you to fill in your email and password for the Moonton Account you just created. Then you just press the confirmation button.

After pressing the confirmation button, your Mobile Legend account will automatically be connected to the Moonton Account that has just been created. Data from Mobile Legend will automatically be stored in the Moonton account. As rewards, usually you will get tickets.

Important Notes about “Associate” or “Unassociated”


As a gamer, sometimes you want to unlink a Mobile Legend account with a linked Moonton account. Well, one way that you can do for this purpose is to clear the cache of the application in question. The method:

  • You only need to open the Settings or Settings menu on your Smartphone, then select the Application or Application menu, or Installed Applications. After that, carefully try to find the Mobile Legend application.
  • Once found, you just press the Clear Cache menu. If you encounter problems in the form of not finding the Clear Cache menu, then the solution you can do is clear the data by first searching for the Storage menu, then selecting Clear Cache or Clear Data.
  • The risk of not linking a Mobile Legend account to a Moonton account is actually not too serious as long as there are no accidental things happening to gamers who have reached a high level with various achievements that have collected so many skins.
  • Worries occur when you have to let go of a smartphone that is usually used to play Mobile Legend for a certain reason, for example, being sold.

When you forget to reconnect it, the new owner of your smartphone (if you play Mobile Legend too) will get the blessing regarding the high-level Mobile Legend data that you previously had.

The worst risk for you as the previous owner is that you may not be able to reconnect with your Moonton account.

That’s the full explanation that you can know about how to create a Moonton account. So clear that you can certainly understand it. Please practice and get ready to start the adventure.

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