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How to Close Skrill Account Permanently 2022

There are three reasons why I would like to permanently close my Skrill account. The first reason is because my account is limited for reasons that have not verified identity.

Second, the method of verifying his identity is quite complicated. Indeed, there are two verification methods available on the platform.

First, by enabling geolocation to match the required data and secondly, alternative verification methods. The two methods are basically the same.

And as an international user, Skrill should have a policy to facilitate verification methods based on the rules of the country where the user comes from.

For example, if the user is from Indonesia, the verification should only use an ID card along with a selfie photo. Meanwhile, in Skrill there is none.

Perhaps this is the reason why until today, Skrill has not been registered as one of the Electronic System Operators (PSE). So, operationally it still doesn’t exist in Indonesia.

There are quite a lot of verification options, but they are difficult to fulfill like having to prepare Bank Report, utility bill, credit card statement, tax return formcouncil bill and school admission letter.

Including court documents, retirement document until lease or tenant contract. Even if the registration is successful, you must verify the address as well.

By looking at these features, basically, Skrill is only intended for European users because they are the ones who have the various documents above.

Third, and quite annoying is the cost fee for inactivity or automatic balance withdrawal if you are not actively using the application.

For example, in my case, there is a balance of around $10 more and indeed, because I haven’t verified my identity, I can’t withdraw the balance.

Therefore, if any of you want to know how to permanently delete Skrill or how to close a Skrill account, read this article to the end.

How to Close Skrill Account Permanently 2022

So, how do you close a Skrill account permanently? Must be curious, right? If so, follow the steps below:

1. Open Skrill web then login

First, please open the Skrill web in any browser whether it’s Google Chrome, Mozilla or others, Opera for example.

After logging into the site, immediately click the Login button and then be directed to the login page as shown in the image above.

Next, please enter an active email registered with Skrill and a valid password. If so, click on the Login button at the bottom.

Can I use the Skrill app to delete an account? Possible. But because here I use the Web version, so it can be adjusted according to needs.

2. Choose Authentication method

How to Close Skrill Account Permanently

If the email and password are correct, you will be directed to the authentication page to verify the login request to the account that was just made.

At this stage, there are two authentication methods available, namely logging in via a notification sent to the Skrill application and secondly, sending a message to the number registered with Skrill.

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If you install the Skrill application on your phone, then you can choose the first option. Meanwhile, if not, you can choose the second option.

For example, here I choose the second option. If so, please click the Next button to proceed to the next stage.

3. Enter the code sent

How to Close Skrill Account Permanently

If you select SMS, please open the SMS application on your cellphone and look for the instant message sent by Skrill which contains an authentication code.

If the SMS has been received, please enter it in this column. If you have, once again click the LOGIN button at the bottom.

4. Select the Settings option

How to Close Skrill Account Permanently

If the OTP code is correct, you will be directed to the homepage of your Skrill account. At this stage, please hover over the Settings menu or the settings on the side.

How to Close Skrill Account Permanently

If you have entered the settings menu or Settings, select the second menu option, namely Account settings or account settings.

Later, three account settings options will be opened, starting from language, loyalty program and account status.

If your goal is to delete your Skrill account, select the Account Status menu option and then click Close Account on the side.

6. Enter the reason why you want to delete the account

How to Close Skrill Account Permanently

You will then be asked to provide a reason why you want to delete your Skrill account. However, you do not have to fill in the reason because it is optional.

If you are sure that you want to close your Skrill account without or for any reason, just click the Close my Account button on the side.

7. Skrill account successfully deleted

How to Close Skrill Account Permanently

After clicking close account, a notification like this will appear: Your account has been closed successfully or your account has been successfully closed.

Thus, you have successfully closed your Skrill account permanently. To return to the Skrill application tone, simply click the back to button


Some of the questions that may be asked regarding this post will be discussed in the form of QnA below, the following is a list:

1. Is it possible to reactivate a deleted Skrill account?

In my experience it doesn’t, and it’s recommended to deactivate it anymore. What is the reason? There are many. First, the fees charged to users are quite high.

Starting from withdrawal fees or transfer fees to bank accounts, there are in-active fees and other additional fees that are not profitable from the user’s side.

Meanwhile, if you want to log in again to a previously deleted Skrill account, there will be a notification like this on the log in page: Your account was closed at your request.

2. Will the balance be forfeited after the account is closed?

True, the balance will be forfeited after the account is closed. This also applies to every account whether it has been verified or not.

3. Will the loyalty program points in the Skrill account also be deleted?

Just like the Skrill account balance where the loyalty program points will also be deleted after the account closure request is made. You will also be notified about this.

4. Is there a better Skrill alternative?

Of course there are and the list is quite large. But, when asked which one is the best and most recommended, the answer is only one, namely PayPal.

At Paypal, there are no account inactive fees. So, you can save money at any time without being withdrawn. You also don’t need account verification.

In addition, the transfer fee to a bank account in Indonesia is much cheaper at only IDR 16,000 if the withdrawal is less than $100.

Meanwhile, if the withdrawal is more than the nominal amount, then you will not have any administrative fees for withdrawing the balance charged to the user.

Plus, Paypal is already registered as an electronic system operator (PSE). This means that the platform is legally used by the people of Indonesia.


Choosing to deactivate an account is one solution if you no longer use an application or there are other costs that do not benefit the user.

But back to each individual. If you find Skrill quite useful and it’s the only payment method available when working on a client’s project from overseas, that’s fine.

However, you must be prepared if at any time your account is temporarily frozen for reasons that you have not verified your identity. And the verification method is quite complicated for users.

Thus the article on how to permanently delete a Skrill account in 2022. Hopefully this article can be useful for you. ***


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