How to Check Social Security Balance via the Latest WhatsApp

How to Check Social Security Balance via the latest WhatsApp – Hello friends, back again with the admin who will provide you with interesting and certainly useful information. On this occasion the admin will provide information about how to check the latest Social Security Balance via WhatsApp.

This time the admin will provide important information that is now being searched for by netizens.

Currently, there are definitely many people who need information about BPJS Employment through the WhatsApp or WA application which makes it very easy for participants.

Many people want to find important information related to BPJS Employment without having to come to the office.

You can access everything related to BPJS Employment, such as checking Jamsostek balances, merging BPJS limits, viewing social assistance receipts and much more.

Currently, the search for ways to check Jamsostek balances via WA is indeed very high.

Read this article to the end to get important information in the following discussion.

Check Jamsostek Balance at a Glance via WhatsApp

Checking BPJS Employment balances is now even easier with the innovation of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan.

Participants can view the BPJS Employment balance without having to visit the nearest BPJS office because they are busy.

For those who are busy, of course, there is a way to make it easier to find out the BPJS Employment balance online.

You can access BPJS Employment online information services in several ways, such as WhatsApp (WA), SMS, ATM, Applications and the website.

Many choices are given by the Employment BJPS to provide the best service for its customers.

The existence of this online information service is expected to make it easier for participants to check balances and other information independently.

The online balance check service can also be used to ensure that the company has paid the BPJS employment contribution which is deducted every month.

By checking through this application, participants can monitor themselves through the application or the official website.

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How to Check Social Security Balance via WhatsApp 2022

The discussion that you have been waiting for the most is definitely the tutorial on How to Check Social Security Balance Through WA 2022 which is easy for you to follow.

Later, check the BPJS Employment balance via text messages or chat messages.

In the midst of busy workers, not all have free time during the working day to come to the BPJS Employment office to spend only checking balances.

For those of you who don’t know the balance check is the total amount of monthly fees that have accumulated over months or even years.

Starting in 2022, BPJS employment information services can be accessed easily through the WhatsApp application.

Tutorial on Checking BPJS Employment Information Via WhatsApp

Follow the tutorial to check BPJS Employment information via WhatsApp which is already available this year, as follows.

  1. Member information
  2. Claim information, service line information
  3. Complaint electronic form
  4. Information on prospective BSU recipients in 2021
  5. Save the BPJS Employment WhatsApp number, namely 0813-8007-0175 or open via the link
  6. Sign in to menu in the chat room until the system responds, select the information you want to know according to the menu number, and send a message.
  7. For example, send number 1 to view customer membership information.
  8. Then follow the message sequence according to the system instructions.
  9. Done

How to Check BPJS Employment Balance via ATM

An easy alternative, you can check the BPJS Employment balance using a BNI ATM with a BNI ATM card,

Check out the steps to check BPJS Employment balance via ATM, it’s definitely easy, as follows.

  1. Visit the nearest BNI ATM.
  2. Insert ATM card and pin.
  3. Select the Check BPJS Employment Balance menu.
  4. The system will automatically display the BPJS Employment balance.
  5. If you are finished and leave, make sure to withdraw the ATM card without the need to come to the BPJS Employment office again.
  6. Done


That’s a little information about How to Check Jamsostek Balance Via WhatsApp 2022.

Which will make it easier for you to monitor your Jamsostek balance via WhatsApp without being complicated and of course very easy for your business or needs.

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