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How to Check Employment BSU Is Liquid Or Not

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion among netizens about how to how to check the BSU Employment is liquid or not. This is because it is related to the season of government assistance for those in need.

There are various types of assistance that you can get in the 2022 period. For example, assistance in the form of Pre-Employment Cards, Family Hope Program (PKH), and Productive Aid for Micro Enterprises (BPUM).

Even recently, it is reported that one of the assistances that the community has been waiting for is the Manpower BSU. But before getting this assistance, make sure that you are a strong candidate as a recipient of BSU funds.

You can find out about the requirements or criteria for prospective recipients of the BSU Employment assistance fund. No need to worry, because we have prepared this information for all of you regarding the requirements for the recipients of the following 2022 BSU funds.

Requirements for Recipients of BSU Assistance Funds from the Government

Before checking whether your name is registered as a recipient of BSU assistance or not, you may also need to know the terms of the recipient. This is to make it easier for references in receiving BSU assistance funds from the 2022 government.

Summarizing from several sources of information, the following are some of the requirements or criteria for BSU 2022 recipients. Check out the following list of requirements and make sure whether your name is a potential recipient of aid funds or not.

  • Indonesian citizens
  • Prospective beneficiaries are active participants of the BPJS Employment program until the period of July 2022.
  • Have a salary or fixed income per month a maximum of 3.5 million rupiah.
  • Prospective recipients of aid funds are not members of the TNI, Polri, or ASN.
  • Never received PKH and BPUM assistance funds.

Now if one of these requirements is not met, the Ministry of Manpower will not continue the process of disbursing BSU funds. Therefore, you will also not receive BSU assistance that goes into your bank account.

Process Flow of Liquid Employment BSU to Account

You need to know that before the aid funds enter your bank account, there are several stages or processes. The stages in question are starting from checking the data of prospective recipients until later the funds will enter the account of each participant.

Now, here is the process sequence from the flow of BSU Manpower funds into the recipient’s account. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the processes under which BSU aid funds are coordinated by the Ministry of Manpower below.

  • The BPJS Employment Office sends data on prospective BSU 2022 recipients to the Ministry of Manpower.
  • Then after the data arrives, the Ministry of Manpower will carry out a checking process first.
  • If it turns out that in the checking process there is suspicious or incorrect data, the Ministry of Manpower returns it to BPJS Ketenagakerjaan. However, when all the data is correct and appropriate, the Ministry of Manpower continues the next process.
  • The result of the process of checking the data of prospective recipients of BSU assistance funds is the approval of the Budget User Authority.
  • After all processes have been completed properly, the disbursement of funds will go directly to the account of each beneficiary.

How to Check Employment BSU Is Liquid Or Not

Now if you are curious and want to try to check whether your name is registered as a BSU recipient or not, then you can follow these steps. Because later we will provide how how to check the BSU Employment is liquid or not through the official website.

Make sure you follow the steps we provide in sequence so that the checking process runs smoothly.

  • The first step you need to do is to open the browser on the mobile device.
  • After the browser is open, go straight to the official website
  • Scroll the phone screen towards the bottom until you find the menu option “Check Are You a Prospective BSU Recipient?”.
  • But before doing this check, also make sure that you already have an account. If you don’t have an account, you can register first by entering your NIK, full name, and other required data.
  • Next, after successfully filling in the data, you must activate the account using the OTP code sent to the registered email address.
  • When you have successfully activated your account, it means that you can login to your account and check the BSU recipient data.
  • Later when your name is registered as a BSU recipient a green check mark will appear on the phone screen. However, if it turns out that your name is not registered, an apology will appear because it is not in accordance with Permenaker Number 10 of 2022.

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The final word

So that’s how it was how to check the BSU Employment is liquid or not to your account. Actually, before checking, make sure that you already have an account and meet the applicable criteria.

Because when you don’t meet the requirements of a prospective BSU grant recipient, it’s impossible to get it. Hopefully when checking, your name is included in the list of recipients of BSU 2022 assistance from the Ministry of Manpower.


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