How to Change Learning Packages Into Telkomsel Internet Packages and Understanding the Packages

How to change a study package into a Telkomsel internet package is easy for Telkomsel provider users. This is because the learning package provided by the government can only access a few applications. While the package provided is quite a lot, namely 10GB.

Of course, it would be a shame if that much quota was not used for other purposes. Many ways have emerged to change the study package into a regular quota. The study package was given due to the corona virus which resulted in students having to study online or at home.

Understanding Telkomsel learning packages

The study package is a combined internet data package from sciencepedia and conference that is applied to the Telkomsel card. This package can only be used to open conference and education applications with an active period of 1 month or 30 days.

With the learning package, users can access conference and educational applications during online learning. This is also very helpful for students who have economic limitations in purchasing quotas. The purpose of this learning package is to ease the burden on parents in buying quotas for children’s learning activities.

How to Activate the Learning Package

Before changing the study package into a Telkomsel internet package, the steps that need to be taken are activating the learning package. Make sure the user has the main quota and is not connected to a VPN. How to activate the Telkomsel study package is as follows:

  • First download the MyTelkomsel application on the google play store.
  • Open the application and select the shopping menu.
  • Then select the internet menu.
  • Then click the education menu.
  • Then choose the 10 rupiah study quota menu.
  • Confirm orders and study quotas are already active.

How to Change a Learning Package into a Telkomsel Internet Package Using the Anonytun Application

The study package is intended to assist students in online learning. However, in the midst of the rise of learning packages, there are also ways to change the learning packages into Telkomsel internet packages. in order to change it, the user must confirm the application information that will be used to change the package.

Teaching and learning activities are still being carried out in the midst of the covid 19 pandemic. The solution provided by the government is to provide learning package assistance for students and teachers to use in these activities. The learning package can only be used to access educational and conference applications.

Not infrequently students and teachers are looking for how to turn it into the main internet package. How to change a study package into a Telkomsel internet package by using the Anonytun application. Here are the steps:

  • Download and install the anonymous application on the google play store.
  • Then open the Anonytun application and click the stealth settings menu.
  • Next set it in the stealth settings menu, with the first setting activating stealth settings on or OFF. Second on the connection protocol click SSL. The third connection port is filled with 443. And the fourth activates the advanced SSL settings.
  • Press edit SSL settings or settings.
  • Press Ok then set it in this menu with SNI Host, Port, zoom settings. Us or and]the learning quota from the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the Spoof Port is filled with 443.
  • Press save to save.
  • Press connect to connect and so that the study quota can be used as the main internet quota.
  • Finally, make sure that the word connect appears so that the study package can really be used as Telkomsel’s main quota.

That’s how to change the study package into an easy and practical Telkomsel quota package. Try so that the learning package is not wasted and can also be used to access other applications. The method above is the easiest and simplest way.

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