How to Change Indosat’s Unlimited Youtube Quota to Regular 2022

Hello guys, welcome back to, In this article there is an interesting discussion about how to change Indosat’s Youtube Quota which we will discuss and explain below.

For Indosat users, currently Indosat provides services to its users with unlimited YouTube packages, which this package provides free YouTube access.

However, the drawback of this package is that when we buy a package we only get a very small regular quota, and usually the regular quota will run out prematurely.

So now there is the best way to take advantage of the youtube quota by turning it into a regular quota in a way that we can learn,

So, for those of you who are wondering and curious, just take a look at the tutorial below.

How to Change Indosat Youtube Quota

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How to Set APN and Psiphon

Setting APN

The first way to change the YouTube quota, which is not used as a regular quota, is by setting the Network APN.

This step is easy to understand and perform. Note that this APN menu is always mobile. To do this, you can follow the tips below for more information.

  1. Open settings. The first step you can do is open the settings on your phone. Immediately after you enter the settings, you can select the connection menu and look for the included APN submenu.
  2. Open mobile network with APN. If you are already in the APN menu, you will have to open the Mobile network menu in the next step. From there you can open the access point name directly. On this page you can find several APN names. The task here is to add a new APN name.
  3. Add a new APN name. When you open the APN, the edit access point form will be displayed. It contains fields that should be APN, port, username, password, server, MMSC, etc.
  4. You can enter any name. Then you can set the APN to Im3unlimited in the APN. For the username, you can compare it with the previous name, such as Indosat unlimited. You must also set a password. Choose a password with the same name so you can easily like indosatulimited. Ignore the other menu options. In this case, you can save the settings by selecting the 3 dots in the right corner.
  5. Move APN down. Once saved, you can quickly turn on or off APN in data state. Wait for the data to be displayed.
  6. After the data is displayed, you can immediately prove that YouTube quota can be used for regular quota.

Not only that, you still have to use third-party applications that can launch the results later.

That is, you need the psiphon application to be able to activate this method, so before you have to download it first,

Configure Psiphon Pro

After configuring the APN settings, you can use an application called Psiphon pro to change Indosat’s YouTube quota to regular quota.

As already mentioned, this application can be downloaded from Playstrote or AppStore.

If the application is already installed, you can immediately open it. Then you see various menu options. Home, statistics, options, logs and more

Select the first option menu

The first way is to place the sections in the application. Select the direct menu option to go to the settings page immediately.

In this case, you can directly select More options. You will be immediately directed to a new page.

Here you will find various sub-menu options such as sound, vibration, language, application exclusions, connection via HTTP proxy, etc. You can see everything.

Open Custom Header

The More Options menu has another menu option, the header. You can now select the submenu directly. Then you will be directed to the Custom header page.

  1. Check the menu [Tambahkan Judul HTTP].
  2. You can enter netData directly in header 1.
  3. To enter a header value, enter
  4. Header 2 can be filled with connections. To enter a header value, enter
  5. Header 3 allows you to write keepalives.
  6. To enter the header value, you can write
  7. When finished, you can go directly to the next page and return to the main page.

Select server

When finished, you can directly select the desired server. There are several servers in different countries.

We recommend that you choose a server in the United States. In this case, you can directly proceed to the next route.

Select start menu

If all the rules are met, you can start right away by pressing the start menu. Wait a moment

To check if you are connected, use the P icon to change the color from red to blue.

Do a Test with the Browser

To find out if your data package has changed to your regular package, just open the browser application directly on your cellphone.

If this works, you can access the internet you are looking for right now. Apart from being used for browser tasks, it can also be used to open social media and download and upload online gaming applications.

There may be a decent amount of YouTube quota. Unfortunately, not everyone opens YouTube every day.

Therefore, this quota is also useful if you want to convert your YouTube quota into a regular quota and use it for different purposes.

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