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How to Change IG Name Without Waiting 14 Days

When you create an Instagram username, of course, this is private, so you can’t make your account name the same as someone else’s.

It’s just that but you can outsmart it by making a similar or similar name.

Likewise, if you want to change your IG name, you can’t just change your IG name at will.

So there is a limit and also at least you have to wait about 14 days from the last time you changed your IG name.

In general, changing the IG name can only be done in the near future as much as 2 times, and how to change the IG name more than 2 times then you have to wait at least about 14 days.

Here’s a quote from some of our ways how to change ig name without waiting 14 days which can be tried to change the name of the IG that cannot be changed without having to wait 14 days.

How to Change IG Name Without Waiting 14 Days Easy!

The following are some ways that can be used to change the IG name without waiting 14 days.

Where you can do it in just 24 hours, see the following method;

  1. Change Instagram Email

For how to replace we without waiting 14 days The first is to change the Instagramm account email that you are using.

If you have succeeded in changing the email on your Isntagram account, then wait for about 24 hours and then please try to change the Instagram name again.

  1. Empty Instagram Account Name

The second way that can be used to change the Instagram name which is already limited or takes 14 days, then you can change the Instagram name by leaving your Instagram name blank, the method is as follows:

  1. Go to Instagram profile
  2. Then click edit profile
  3. There are several fields, which you can leave only the top one blank, while the username must still be filled.
  4. Enter the newly changed username and click Name.
  5. Next, please leave the name blank then click on the checklist or check and finally click on the check again.
  6. Done

And you have successfully changed your Instagram account name without having to wait 14 days.

  1. Temporarily Deactivate Account

Furthermore, you can also change the Instagram name by temporarily deactivating the Instagram account.

  1. The trick is to open Instagram via a browser and go to profile settings, scroll down until you find the words ‘Temporarily deactivate my account’.
  2. Then follow the instructions that appear until the temporary shutdown is successful.
  3. If it is successful then you just have to wait for at least 24 hours to reactivate your Instagram account again.
  4. The way you just log in with your email or username and password.
  5. Then, it’s time for you to change your Instagram name in the usual way.
  6. You just need to go to your Instagram profile and click the ‘Edit Profile’ button, then change the Instagram name in the column provided.
  7. And don’t forget to save all your changes.

Instagram Name Change Terms

If you have tried the method above but it didn’t work, then it means that there are some conditions for changing the Instagram name that were not met before.

With the Instagram Help Center, there are some general conditions that make it easy for a user’s Instagram name to be changed.

One of them is by using an account name that has not been used by other users.

You may not find the same account name but still can’t replace it with that name.

The possibility that happened is that the deletion of the account with the name you wanted was just done, so Instagram still detects the existence of the account earlier.

The solution to this is that you can use another similar name, for example by adding a period punctuation mark or underscore.


In general, changing the IG name can only be done in the near future as much as 2 times, and how to change the IG name more than 2 times then you have to wait at least about 14 days.

However, with how to change ig name without waiting 14 days described above, you can replace it easily at any time.

Good luck!.


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