How to buy the easiest and cheapest Higgs Domino Purple Chip

One of the most popular Higgs Domino chips is the Purple Higgs Domino Chip. You can get it by purchasing. However, if you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry because EXP will provide steps on how to top up Ungo Higgs Domino Chip more.

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By the way, do you know what a chip is?

Chips or often also referred to as coins themselves is a currency that you can use in the Higss Domino game. You must have a chip to play this game. Therefore, you can say that this chip is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to play Higgs Domino smoothly and achieve victory, and even profit.

There are many ways that you can follow to get chips in the game. You can do this by topping up your balance through Indonesia’s largest marketplace for buying and selling items and game coupons, such as Itemku. You can also make purchases through the Google Play Store on your smartphones.

What is a purple Higgs Domino chip?

Chip Ungo Higgs Domino

Basically, the Higgs Domino chip comes in the form of a yellow-golden coin. However, it turns out that there is also a chip of another color, the purple Domino chip. This chip has actually been around for a long time, but it seems a lot of Higgs Domino players don’t know about it. So, what exactly is a purple Domino’s slice?

Purple chips are coins or chips that you can get from filling results through official Domino agents and partners. So when you enter the chip into your account after making a purchase, the color is purple and not yellow like most chips in circulation.

Some players believe that this chip can deliver good results or win the Higgs Domino jackpot for anyone who uses it. Of course very interesting is not it? Apart from that, this chip also gives a premium impression because you get it directly from the official Higgs Domino partner.

How to buy purple domino’s chips

If you want to buy purple domino’s chips, it’s very easy. Just follow the steps provided by EXP below. Oh yeah, before that make sure you have enough credit as this purchase uses up credit. Here’s how to fill the entire purple slide.

  1. The first thing you have to do, of course, is to unlock Higgs Domino
  2. Sign in with your account
  3. Select Store or VIP List on the dashboard
  4. There are many choices for chips, choose the purple chip
  5. After choosing it, you can choose the nominal purple chip you want to buy according to your needs
  6. Pay with pulses
  7. Wait for the chip to enter your account.

Fill the purple Higgs Domino’s slide into my item

Aside from going through Higgs Domino directly, you can also access the Higgs Domino purple chip purchase app, My Item. This method is as follows.

  1. Visit or the itemku app for Android
  2. On the main page, click on the “Higgs Domino” menu, then search for the product you want
  3. Choose the slide you want
  4. You will be asked to enter your registered Higgs Domino account ID
  5. After that the payment method will appear, select by credit
  6. You will see a variety of cell phone operators, then choose the one you want
  7. If you have it, you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number and email
  8. Click on the following menu and wait until you receive the code via SMS or email
  9. Then, just follow the next step until you’re done.

This is our explanation of how to buy and recharge Ungo Higgs Domino Chip. Very easy isn’t it?

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