How to block websites on Google Chrome HP without apps and how to restore

to do browsing The Internet is a small activity that is often conducted today. However, at work browsing Sometimes there are sites in Chrome that are not responsible. So how to block websites on Google Chrome HP without an easy app?

In search of information or browsingUsers should be careful. Do not open a damaged and irresponsible site. Feel free to block the site so that it does not spread.

How to block websites on Google Chrome HP without an app

Google Chrome is one of the many search places that are often used for browsing. Especially for students and university students. There are two ways that users can do when they want to block sites in Chrome. Here is the review:

1. The first step to block URLs

It is very easy to do how to block websites on Google Chrome HP without this app. If the child does not understand, it is better for the parents to intervene. If a dangerous site is left, the child will be the victim. Here is a review of how to block websites on Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome on your phone first.
  • Tap the three lines on the top right, in the far corner.
  • Select in Settings or
  • he moved Until you find the site settings.
  • Select the Popups and Redirects option.
  • Activate pop-up blocking.
  • Add sites to block. add to Pop-ups and redirects.

2. Advanced steps to block websites on Chrome

Don’t worry if the first step didn’t work because there are still next steps to try. Sometimes the blocked websites still send out very annoying notifications. Here’s how to block websites on Google Chrome HP without other apps:

  • to open Google Chrome.
  • Enter the link of the site you want to block.
  • Click the lock icon on the link.
  • Click on the Site Settings option.
  • Select the notification option and enter.
  • Click “Blocks”. The site will no longer send notifications.

How to open blocked sites

In fact, not all blocked websites are dangerous. Sometimes, someone will block the site just because they don’t want the notifications to reach their mobile phone. There are times when someone also needs the site but has to unblock it first. Here’s how to unblock sites on Chrome:

1. Use a web proxy server

This web is a tool for accessing websites that have been blocked. Don’t worry, this site can be used for free. First, open the proxy server first. next one copy and paste The url or link of the blocked site and click OK.

2. Use a VPN

The second step that can be used to unlock access to blocked websites is to use a VPN. This method is the easiest to do. Many people have successfully used this step. In fact, how does this VPN work? Is it safe to use?

With a VPN, the internet will be connected to other internet networks. The network uses a different IP address. There are also several VPN addresses that can be used. Thus, users will be free to use or access the website as they wish.

This is how to block websites on Google Chrome HP without an app and how to get it back. Every time you look for information, you should be careful especially if you have young children. As much as possible, do not allow minors to browse the Internet alone. Block dangerous websites instantly.

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