How to automatically scroll snack videos to complete tasks quickly

How to automatically scroll snack videos – Earning money from snack videos is very easy, just swipe from top to bottom within minutes, we can watch many videos in it. But the most difficult thing when doing this is the hands getting tired and lazy, especially since we have to do this task every day if we want to get a big income.

The task of watching videos required for video snack users if you want to earn is really tempting, especially with only one invite using the referral code, you can get 52000, and it works when you get a friend to add the code using your invite code.

For those who have just joined the application, you are required to complete, for example, watching videos on snack videos as much as possible. It is undeniable that you sometimes feel lazy, because there is no organization for such work unless you have a goal to achieve a certain income in the day.

Well, if you are lazy about auto swiping videos on video snacks but want to have a steady extra income then we will help you so you can do it. But here you need to download an app called Auto Clicker.

How to auto scroll snack video

It turns out that one of the rolls is easy and can be done automatically using the Auto Clicker application. Take it easy guys, this apk will be able to pass tens or even hundreds of rolls per day.

To find the application, you do not need to go far, because on this occasion we will show you the apk. But before that, you need to know that this apk file was created by True Developers Studio which was just updated on February 27, 2022 yesterday with a size of 2.5MB.

At the moment the apk is already in version 1.4.3 with minimal usage already on OS 7.0 and above, so make sure your Android phone is already on Android, guys.

And before downloading please use the video snack invitation code which you get 1 million rupees instantly, this is the code 8876060981 And the 292733425. Well, for now for those who want to try it, please download the following apk file.

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Download Auto Scroll App for Snack Video

App name auto clicker
new copy 1.4.3
Modernization February 27 2022
Downloaded more than 10,000,000+
size 2.5 m
Developer Trudevelopers Studio

Download here: Auto Clicker

You can install this app directly because it is an official app from Play Store. But to use it please follow the following guide guys.

How to use Auto Clicker Apk

    1. Open the Auto Clicker app.
    2. Moreover, the auto tap app will ask for the permission when using it and ensure that the developer gets the permission from the mobile user.
    3. To allow access, just click OK.
    4. If it is activated, you can now go to the start menu and select the button with the Multi Target mode.
    5. After the options appear, simply click on the green plus (+) button icon.
    6. To perform automatic scrolling, please scroll the number 1 to the bottom.
    7. The end of the circle should be at the top.
    8. Then you can create a snack video app.
  1. If you are already in the video, please click play.
  2. Then the auto tap app will auto scroll.
  3. Good luck and God bless you.

Now you no longer need to scroll manually every day, this will definitely make working on completing your tasks faster and easier.

Note: You should know, when using auto tap app, your video watching task is actually faster but the risk is that your video snack account will be banned due to violating the rules in the app.

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The last word

So please think about it before using the app. That’s all we can share about How to Automatically Scroll Snack Video, hopefully useful and good luck.

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