How to Attract New Dabodick Students 2023, Easy! – Withdrawal of new Dapodik students 2023 – Admission period for new students has been completed, students who have been accepted must be entered immediately in the school’s Dapodik data. It is known that the Ministry of Education and Culture recently released an application, which is: Dapodik 2023 latest app version.

Now, the version change has made it difficult for some school operators to pull the data of new students to Dapodik 2023. So, are you currently looking for information on how to attract new students to Dapodik 2022? If so, read the full information in this article to finish.

We know that at the moment the joint graduation at the final level at the education level is done automatically by the system. Thus, an automatic graduation process like this certainly facilitates and speeds up the performance of the educational unit, i.e., the operator of the school.

Apart from that, another benefit to be had is the ability to prevent errors in students’ graduation. Although everything is done automatically, the Education Unit can still coordinate with the Education Office with the aim of submitting a request to cancel the graduation that has been declared unsuccessful.

However, the thing to understand is The process of adding students or withdrawing new students on the 2022 Dapodik app Which is done online and the student data will be entered automatically after synchronizing the school operator with the education office using Dapodik . app this is.

So, if you are curious and want to know how, you are in the right place. Because, on this occasion, Mimin will provide information on how to properly attract new Dapodik 2022 students for you. Come on look The method of withdrawing data for new students from Dapodik 2023 is more detailed so that there is no misunderstanding.

About the withdrawal of new student data Dapodik 2023

Education in Indonesia requires clear data from every student or student. Thus, it will be managed and managed by the school operator or the school’s administrative staff. In fact, this data is really necessary so that the name of each student in the center can be recorded as evidence that the student has received an education according to the existing data.

Well, as it is known that the Ministry of Education and Culture is currently updating their applications which are: Dapodik . app to version 2023, requiring that the student data be updated or reprocessed.

So, of course this will be a bit confusing about how to get the data from new students to school Dabodic app release 2023. The data will not be re-created and existing or previously recorded data must be retrieved or withdrawn.

Because when creating new data, there will be problems in the form of double or double data from one requester. Therefore, each school operator must make use of existing data or plot new student data before.

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How to withdraw student data from Dapodik 2023 app

To be able to pull student data so that it can be managed in the latest app Dapodik 2023 School Operators must withdraw their data from the SP Datadik 2022 application. Therefore, it is very necessary to be careful and careful of the operator so that there are no further errors in drawing students.

Right away, here is the right way for you to be able to pull the data of new students from Dapodik 2023.

  • First, please go to your browser and search for the keywords SSO Dapodik school management or the site
  • If so, please log in with your account
  • Then please select the application menu, click New PD, and please select the Dapodik menu
  • After that, enter the student residence starting from the district / trusteeship / city. The name of the school as well as the year of graduation from the student’s data to be withdrawn
  • Then again, please click on the check mark on the data of new students entering the school you work for
  • Next, you now need to make sure that each student’s data is correct and according to the students entering the school you work at
  • Finally, click on register, student data will now be automatically pulled into Dapodik 2023
  • he did.

Thus, the above information, we hope, will be useful to you with the reviews made by Mimin.

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